10 places where demons wait.

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Top 10 places where demons wait to enter your body.


By  Makko Musagara


10 places where demons wait.

Demons (evil spirits) do not usually attack or enter your body directly. They take cover or occupy a strategic place where you are most likely to touch or step tour feet. Once you touch or step on these items these evil spirits attach themselves on you and enter your body causing sickness, emotional problems and nightmares. Here are the top ten places in your house where demons are most likely to take cover, waiting for your touch or steps.

Door handles

They know there is a door you must open. As soon as you touch the handle, they enter your body. You will feel something a minor electric shock from the handle into your body. .


They will enter your body as soon as you touch the padlock to insert the key.

Items left on the floor.

They will enter your body as soon as you touch that item.

Inside wardrobes

They will take cover inside clothes you are most likely to use.

Inside Shoes

On curtains

They wait for you knowing you must come and draw the curtains.

Food items

They know you will become hungry and touch that food. This is why it is very important to pray for food before eating.


Bathroom floor

Bathrooms or toilets are the main portals for demonic intrusion into residential houses.


They wait on your favorite book. They enter your body as soon as you touch it.

How to protect yourself from such demons.

The Blood of Jesus.

Always cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus. They Blood of Jesus will repel such demons.

Binding and casting away.

Get into the habit of binding and casting away evil spirits in any place you step your feet. The binding will render such demons powerless. The casting away will dispose of them.


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