10 reasons to forgive.

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10 reasons to forgive.

10 reasons to forgive.


By Makko Musagara


10 reasons to forgive.

I remember about ten years ago I went to a non-Christian relative in my rural home village seeking reconciliation between her and my older brother whom, she said, had wronged her. I started by saying “Mama, if I have ever done anything wrong to you, please forgive me”  She replied: “I have no problem at all with you. Have you ever heard me saying anything bad about you?” Then she angrily concluded: “But I will never forgive your brother”. After that venomous statement I quickly realized that this woman had a rock unforgiving heart and I diverted to another topic.

A few minutes later I departed wondering how some people can have such hard hearts.

Several years later I was told that this woman had gone blind. I was not surprised because I very well know the consequences of an unforgiving heart.

Below I list  only ten of these bitter effects if a Christian person refuses to forgive:

  1. Not forgiving is a sin. It will separate you from God.
  2. The Holy Spirit will depart from you.
  3. Not forgiving will open doors for other evil spirits to attack you.
  4. A non forgiving heart will open doors for sickness to attack you.
  5. A non forgiving heart will invite the spirit revenge and murder into your heart.
  6. By refusing to forgive you hinder your progress and blessings.
  7. You will live an unhappy life.
  8. If you die without repenting of this sin, you may end up in Hell.
  9. When you refuse to forgive, you keep the other person in bondage as well.
  10. You give a very good example to others when you forgive. They will practice the same.

Repent now of this sin and ask God to forgive you as you start a new life. Replace unforgiveness with love and praying for those who have done you wrong. If you do this, God will bless you abundantly and you will be set free.


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