10 whispers the Devil makes to win Christians

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Top 10 whispers the Devil makes to win Christians


By Makko Musagara


The Devil wins over Christians by making false suggestions in their minds. It is these wicked suggestions that lead Christians into sin. In the Garden of Eden the Devil whispered in Eve’s ear saying (Genesis 3:4): “You will not die!”.  Eve consented to this whisper and she ended up causing trouble to her husband and us as well.

Since the Garden of Eden, the Devil has never rested. Below I give you the top 10 whispers the Devil makes to win Christians today.

1. “Go ahead, you will repent afterwards

Many Christians have fallen into sin with the excuse that they will repent afterwards.


2. “You will repent when you are about to die. Didn’t the thief on the Cross repent and went to heaven?”

The Devil has led many Christians to sin with an excuse that they will repent when they are about to die. Unfortunately, many die abruptly with no opportunity to repent.


3. “Go ahead,  THERE IS NO HELL!

The Devil has whispered to many Christians into believing that there is no Hell. This lie has led many Christians into perpetual sins against God.


4. “God ahead, don’t worry God will understand!


5. “Drink some more. Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine?”

6. “Don’t worry, didn’t King Solomon have so many women?”


7. “God is so merciful. He will never send you to Hell!

Many Christians have been led into sin after the Devil whispering into their ears that God is so merciful to throw them into Hell.


8. “The Bible was for the past generation, not the present


9. “Didn’t Jesus tell you to be  as shrewd as serpents?” 


10. “Jesus will never  return soon. He has been saying so for the last 2000 years!



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