22 unbelievable things witches can do

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22 unbelievable things witches can do22 unbelievable things witches can do


22 unbelievable things witches can do


By  Makko Musagara


22 unbelievable things witches can do

In the Book of Exodus, we see how powerful witches can be. In Exodus 7:10-11 Pharaoh’s witches used demonic powers to turn their staff into snakes. In Exodus 7:20-23 Pharaoh’s witches changed the Nile waters into blood. In Exodus 8:6 the same witches, using Satanic and Demonic powers drew hundreds of frogs out of the Nile onto the land. If you think these are wicked acts of the past, I want to inform you that today’s witches,  especially in Africa   and Latin America, can do the same, or even more powerful evil acts. Below I list 20 unbelievable things witches can do in modern days.

1. Witches can use demonic powers to create or stop rain. Read here how a drought in Malawi (Africa) was caused by witches.

2. Witches can cause lightning to strike their client’s enemies.

Read here how witches use lightning to strike enemies.

Also, read here how an entire soccer team was struck by lightning.


3. Witches working on behalf of their clients can make  cheating men or women get stuck with their lovers. Watch here how lovers got stuck together in Kisumu, Kenya 

Watch more: Cheating lovebirds stuck together in Kiisi, Kenya.

Read: Adulterous lovers shamed after getting stuck together during sex.


4. Witches can cause a cheating man to completely fail get an erection.

Read here: Witchcraft caused my erectile dysfunction.


5. Today’s witches can cause a cheating man stay with an erection for as long as four days.

Watch: Kilifi (Kenya) man suffers 14-day erection after illicit affair.


6. Some witches can cause dead bodies come out of graves.

Read here: Kiisi (Kenya) where witches hunt for dead meat in graves.


7. Witches can turn a normal person into a lunatic.

8. Witches  in Congo can make bullet-proof concoctions.

These  mixtures are used by the  Mai Mai of the Congo to ward off bullets.

 Read here: Magic water magic fuel Congo terror.

Read more: Mai Mai – Third piece in Congo’s terror war.

More reading: Superstitions and militias replace army in east DRC.


9. Some witches in East Africa can make demons ride motorcycles (bikes).

In one District of central Uganda villagers were one day shocked to see a motorcycle moving around without any person seen on it.


10. Witches in East Africa can cause a swarm of bees to attack their clients enemy.

Read: Witchcraft in Masindi (Uganda) as a swarm of bees attack suspected thief.

Read more: Witchcraft is real: Makueni (Kenya) man sends a swarm of bees to recover his stolen bike.

Further reading: Witchcraft suspected as bees attack PF camp in Sesheke (Zimbabwe).


11.Witches in East Africa can cause demons to burn up buildings.

12. Witches can use demonic powers to steal cash from wallets.

13. Witches in the Congo can make a strong straight tree bend.

14. Witches in West Africa can turn human beings into goats.

Read: Nigerian man beaten by mob for turning person into a goat

Read more: Nigerian car thief turns into Goat


15. Witches can cause the enemies of their clients strip naked.

Watch: Drama as woman strips naked in church.


16. Witches can walk on hot fire without getting any burn.

Read about a fire walking event.


17. A witch can cause a person sleeping in a house wake up lying in a bush or forest.

18. A witch can cause  black hair to turn gray prematurely.

19. A witch can replace your face with that of an animal, though you may not perceive it.

20. Witches can fly in space, without any aircraft, from one place to another.

Read: Witches in Swaziland banned from flying 150 meters or higher.


21. Witches in West Africa can influence Football competition results.

Read: How witchcraft was used in the African Cup of Nations.


22. In Malawi some some witches can make you fly to New York in seconds without using an aircraft and a visa!

They can tell you to close your eyes for only two minutes and after that they tell you to open your eyes: seriously your find yourself on a street in New York!

The good news about all these acts is that God has given Christian believers superior power through Jesus Christ.

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