30 unusual Christian baby girl names

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30 unusual Christian baby girl names


By  Makko Musagara


30 unusual Christian baby girl names


A person’s name may determine his or her destiny. Our Lord Jesus Christ was named Savior for a purpose that he accomplished to promote God’s Kingdom. Below I mention 30 unusual Christian baby girl names that will steer your baby towards the expansion of God’s Kingdom on Earth.


1. Anointed

Your child will be anointed to do God’s work.


2. Blessing

Your child will be a  blessing to many other people. As Jesus did, she will set many captives free.


3. Chosen

Your child has been chosen by God for a special purpose in His Kingdom.


4. Delight

Your child will bring happiness to many people who were grieved. This will promote God’s Kingdom.


5. Deliverer

Your child will deliver many people from sin and darkness.


6. Diligent

Your child will be diligent in God’s Kingdom.


7. Esteemed

Your child will be highly regarded in God’s kingdom.


8. Eternal

Your child will never perish into Hell.


9. Faithful

Your child will always remain faithful to God. God will always remain faithful to that child.


10. Favorite

Your child will always be preferred to others.


11. Fire

Your  child will always start the fire of God everywhere she goes. Even demons will flee when Ms. Fire comes in the vicinity.


12. Hallelujah

Your child will cause God to praised everywhere she goes.


13. Lamp

Your child will give light to many other people.


14. Lampstand

Your child will host many lamps to remove darkness in this world. She will show God’s nature.


15., Powerful

Your child will be powerful in God’s Kingdom.


16. Pred (short for pre-destined)

Your child was predestined to do great things in God’s Kingdom. People will say: “There comes Ms. Pred!”

17. Redeemer

Your child will redeem many other people from Satan’s Kingdom.


18. Repent

Your child will cause many people to repent of their  sins. Any person asking your daughter her name will repent immediately she mentions her name.


19. Rescuer

Your child will rescue many from their sins.


20. Sacred

Your child will be sacred to God.


21. Savior

Your child will save many from their sins.


22. Shield

Your child will be a shield to many from the Devil.


23. Treasure

Your child will be a treasure in God’s Kingdom.


24. Vision

Your child will have the ability to see in future.


25. Way

Your child will be a way to God’s Kingdom.


26. Wish

Your child will wish God’s Kingdom to come everywhere she goes.


27. Wisdom

Your child will have the wisdom of God.


28. Wonder

Your child will be a wonder in God’s Kingdom.


29. Wonderful

Your child will be wonderful in God’s Kingdom.


30. Worthy

Your Child will be worthy in God’s Kingdom.


31. Fearless.

Your child will fear nothing, including Satan and demons.



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