30 ways demons can enter your body.

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30 ways demons can enter your body.
Anger will open a door for demons to enter your body.



By  Makko Musagara


30 ways demons can enter your body.

The Devil is always trying to make Christians fail in their walk with God. Demons are always waiting to see an open door on your life to attack you starting with entry into your body. Below I give 30 ways enter you..

  1. A lifestyle without Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Demons will fear nothing when they realize you do not have Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit within your heart.

2. Life without prayer gives an open door for demons to enter your body.

3. Fear

Fear is the opposite of faith. Your faith scares demons. Therefore, without faith demons can easily enter your body.

4. Worry  (Matthew 6:25-34)

5. Unforgiving heart.

6. Bitterness of heart.

7. Anger, fury and rage.

Anger, fury and rage will attract demons of poverty, sickness and health complications like miscarriages.

8. Envy and jealousy.

Envy and jealousy will attract demons of poverty to enter your life.

9. Possessing anything to do with the occult or witchcraft.

Witchcraft, occult, sorcery and Satanism will attract hundreds of demons to enter your body.

10. Adultery

11. Any sex outside the Biblical marriage.

Sexual sins attract so many demons into your body.

12. Doubting God’s abilities and promises.

13. Having a sexual relation with a promiscuous person.

Demons in the promiscuous person will enter you as well.

14. Regrets

15. Lust

16. Eating food without first blessing it.

17. Hot verbal arguments and quarrels.

18. Hatred or disliking a certain person.

19. Drug abuse.

20. A non-repentant heart.

21. Pride and arrogance.

22. Listening to worldly music, instead of Christian music.

23. Any practices related to witchcraft or the occult.

24. Drunkenness

25. Murder

26. Confessing negative words like “I am always unlucky”

27. Dishonoring or disrespecting your parents.

28. Gossiping.

29. Getting angry or mad with God

30. Being in regular company with a person doing any of the above.

31. Slandering.



Oración que bloquea a Satanás.


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