7 ways God speaks to us.

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7 ways God speaks to us.
7 ways God speaks to us.



By  Makko Musagara


God speaks to us in many ways. Below I give the seven topmost ways He does so today.


1. Through His Word in the Bible.

Do you want God to speak to you directly? Then read His Word written in the Bible. The number one way God speaks to us today is through his written Word in the Bible.


2. Through the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is our counselor and He guides us in many ways according to God’s will in Heaven.


3. Through dreams

God speaks to us through dreams especially to warn us, or to tell us about coming events. The only problem with this channel is that Satan may disrupt this communication by giving us distorted messages.


4. Through His ministers.

God may use his ministers to speak directly into your heart.


5. Through  supernatural happenings.

God can speak to you through a supernatural happening. For example, if a car without any mechanical problem refuses to start, God may be delaying you to save your life from danger.


6. Through Visions

I remember one time, a year before my daughter got married, I was reading my Bible when suddenly all letters on the right-hand side page suddenly disappeared! Instantly the empty white page was replaced by an image of a bride in a very beautiful wedding dress!  When I looked closely at the face of the bride, it was my daughter!. Then suddenly the picture (vision) disappeared! I immediately knew that my daughter would get married soon. I quickly wrote a note to her about this. A year later I witnessed her wedding in a wedding gown I had seen in that vision.


7. Through strange circumstances

As was the case with Balaam Numbers 22:21-39, God may use strange circumstances to communicate with you.



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