8 things that give witchcraft power.

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8 things that give witchcraft power


By   Makko Musagara


I have heard some Christians say that there is no witchcraft. That belief is a Devil‘s deception to keep Christians blind about his schemes that eventually bring them down.

Witchcraft is real and has made a lot of damage to Christian lives. Below I give 8 things that give witchcraft power.

1. Witchcraft comes from the Devil and his demons.

Just as our power comes from God and His Angels, witches use the powers in the Devils kingdom to make witchcraft powerful.


2. The blood of sacrifices gives witchcraft power.

Just as we Christians rely on the power of the Blood of Jesus, witches depend on the blood of sacrifices to empower witchcraft. Witches sacrifice animals, birds and human beings.

Read here about child sacrifice for witchcraft in Uganda.


3. Satanic words and enchantments.

Just as we Christians rely on the power of the Word of God, witches rely on Satanic words and enchantments to direct and instruct destructive demons to their victims.


4. Witches use stolen items that keep them in direct contact with the victim.

Your personal item may be stolen by your enemy for use in witchcraft rituals. Some witches just use the soil where you have stepped. Others your personal wear items.


5. Witches sometimes rely on covenants made by ones ancestors to attack.

Learn more about Satanic blood covenants.


6. Sometimes witches use graveyard evil spirits to to attack victims.

Read here how to be liberated from the power of graveyard spirits.


7. Some witchcraft is made stronger by the open doors created by Christians through sin.

Every time a Christian sins, he creates an open door for dark forces to attack.

Read here about the common things that open doors for demons.


8. A non-committed Christian life.

Lukewarm Christians are susceptible to witchcraft attacks because they have no armor for protection.

Jesus Christ overcomes witchcraft powers.

God gave Jesus Christ all power to destroy witchcraft and demonic powers. If you trust him as your Lord and Savior, you will overcome witchcraft attacks.

Other weapons against witchcraft powers.

The following will also enable you to overcome witchcraft powers:

The written Word of God.

A prayerful life.


Worship and praise.


How Satan gets God’s permission to tempt Christians.


The minefield to Heaven.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


Satan sees your dispatched blessings.







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