A Lion near our home!

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A lion near our home!


By Makko Musagara


I had just withdrawn a good amount of funds from my Bank and I was heading to the offices of the National Housing Corporation at the Crested Towers building in the city center to pay the first deposit on what I and Florence wanted to be our new residence.  I drove for about five minutes when I sensed that something was wrong. I was being followed by armed robbers!

The Lord quickly gave me supernatural wisdom and I changed my route. But still they followed me and they caught up with me at the Crested Towers building as I was getting out and locking my vehicle. I saw a man coming directly at me hiding a pistol inside his black leather jacket. I believe what confused the robber and saved my life was that I was not holding any bag of cash as he expected. Otherwise he was ready to shoot me and grab the bag.

Unknown to him, I had stacked the funds inside the pockets of my coat, just to look normal. Because there were many people on the street he realized their mission had failed and they quickly drove off.

Unknown to me, the robbers thought I had seen their faces and number plates of their vehicle, and were worried I would inform police. They decided to eliminate me as soon as possible.

Two days later, towards my praying time at night I got a strange dream. In this dream I saw a fierce-looking lion hiding in a vacant wooden house located adjacent to the entry gate to our home.   I immediately woke up, afraid and wondering what this dream meant. ‘May be a lion escaped from the zoo and it was hiding in this wooden house’ I thought.  I prayed for God’s mercy and protection and went back to sleep.

In the morning, as my wife opened the gate for me to go for work, our attention was drawn to a quick movement from the wooden house adjacent to our house (the wooden house I saw in a dream). We saw a tall man suddenly getting out and quickly walking towards us. He was armed with a pistol.

I instantly remembered the dream I had at night and I knew that this was the lion God was portraying in the dream. He was ready to shoot me; but something happened. As he approached us, we suddenly saw him freezing in his tracks! He must have seen something that scared him. After regaining his  energy and composure he just quickly walked past us and disappeared towards Makerere College School! We believe he must have seen armed angels dressed in commando uniform with big guns guarding us.  We never got any other threat from this terror group. Up to now we still thank God for supernaturally saving our lives on that day.

‘His Angel guards those who honor the Lord and rescues them from danger’

Psalm 34:7 Good News Translation

God can restrain your attacker!

Do you sometimes feel sleepless at night? God wants you to pray.

Most trials are designed to make you a better person!

A miracle cloud saved me!

God sent his Angel mechanic!

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