A sign you are close to Heaven

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One sign you are closer to Heaven
When you replace anger with a smile, then you are so close to Heaven.



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, if you are already a Christian I want to give you one clear sign showing that Heaven is so near you. If you have already received Jesus Christ within your heart and you possess this character, then Heaven is within your reach.

Not easily provoked.

If you are a Christian and you have developed into a person who is not easily provoked by any person or situation, then Heaven is so near you. Heaven is within your grasp.

I was provoked in a meeting.

I remember one time I was attending an executive meeting of about eight department heads and one of my workmates said something that provoked me so much. The truth was that this person was making a false accusation. After this false accusation, everyone looked at me to see my reaction. They expected me to respond with fire. My mind started racing searching for the appropriate statement that would infuriate my accuser. Suddenly I heard the voice of God that changed my mind. This voice said:

Just keep calm. Do not utter any word”  This is what I did.

As soon as obeyed God’s instruction, I felt all my anger vanish and my mind calm down. Not only did I keep calm, I also put on a nice gentle smile as I looked straight in the eyes of my accuser. I became a victor in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Devil was so ashamed because his trick to provoke my anger failed. My calm and nonresponse earned me respect not only at my place of work but also in the Kingdom of Heaven. Had I angrily responded, the story would have been different. Later my accuser became one of my best friends.

Anger drives you to Hell.

If you ever see anyone who easily becomes angry, then pray for that person immediately. Why? Because the line separating that person from the depths of Hell is so thin. If you do not pray, that person can fall into eternal destruction any time.

Jesus rejected anger.

Our Lord Jesus Christ went through a very difficult experience. He was insulted, He was falsely accused. Jesus was verbally abused. He was humiliated. They stripped him naked. He was nailed on the cross. They put thorns on his head. Finally they pieced his body. In all this Jesus Christ never became angry. He opted for calm and prayed that God forgives those who had provoked him. This reaction brought Jesus Christ so close to Heaven. As a result all the gates of Heaven opened to welcome Jesus. Angels ushered him direct to the right hand side of God where he is seated now in heavenly glory.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


Attract God’s sudden presence.


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  1. Iza Rainbow

    Thank you so much brother Musagara for

    all you share and all the topics you have brought to light … you explain everything very well and very clearly .
    I like your website very much and have shared it with others.
    God bless you and continue to guide and inspire you to teach.

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