A street thief opted for Jesus!

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A street thief opted for Jesus!

By  Makko Musagara


A street thief opted for Jesus!

I remember one time I had parked along a small road called Kisozi Close, near the central business district of Kampala city, East Africa. I decided to wait here because I needed a less busy street where I could park for about an hour before collecting my son from City Parents School.

After about twenty minutes of quietly sitting inside my vehicle, with all window screens up and the back of my seat slightly slanted backwards, I saw a car that came and gently parking in front of mine. A respectable lady came out, locked it and moved away towards the YWCA building.

About five minutes later I saw a young man of about thirty years putting on a long-sleeved shirt come, perfectly pretending to be the owner of the lady’s car.  He started fidgeting with the driver’s door by trying different master keys. I knew he was a thief.  He failed to open the car door and retreated.

As he passed near my vehicle, he got the shock of his life when I lowered the door screen and told him I was going to make an alarm whereby many people around would come and beat him to death.  He nervously stood still as he looked at me in total disbelief. I told him ‘Make a choice now: either I shout an alarm alerting people nearby that you are a thief, or you repent and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior’ He knew that the first option was deadly so in three seconds only he responded by telling me ‘I am very sorry, Praise the Lord, Praise Jesus!’ as he took off and disappeared towards the direction of the Watoto Building. Because he had mentioned the name of Jesus, I just let him go.

Back home I told Florence this funny story and we both laughed and laughed at the strange ways God can save persons out of hell.

Romans 10:13 King James Version

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved

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