Angels stormed the Bank!

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Angels entered the Bank!
Angels stormed the Bank!


By  Makko Musagara


Angels stormed the Bank!

This is a true incident that happened about fourteen years ago. I was working with the Ministry of Health and had got a loan from one of the prominent banks in my country. I was supposed to repay it in twelve equal installments over a one year period.

As per this Bank’s procedure, I had to attach some of my property, including my car. In case I failed to pay the Bank had legal rights to sell the indicated properties to recover their loan. The Bank was so strict on the repayment days that I would get many calls whenever I was late to deposit cash for a due installment.

I lose my job

Then, after paying four installments I lost my job. I did not have any other source of income to clear this debt. I daily cried to God about the remaining installments because I did not have any other source of income. I was so afraid the bank would sell my car and TV set to recover the loan.

God’s Angels intervene

Then, something strange happened. The deadline for paying the fifth installment passed without my getting any call from the Bank!

Since I had no means to pay, I also kept quiet at home. Then time for paying the sixth installment came and again I did not receive any telephone call from the Bank!.

This continued for the whole year that I was jobless. I realized that the bank had completely forgotten about my loan!  I don’t know how it happened but this must have been a divine intervention. I believe God’s angels entered into this Bank’s computer system and concealed everything to do with my loan.

It was only a year later when my financial situation had improved that God’s angels restored the computer system of this Bank.

After this restoration, the External Auditors of this Bank were prompted to carry out an audit of this Bank. They found that my loan was still outstanding. I got almost a thousand calls from this bank on the day this discovery was made. Good enough the Bank did not put the blame on me. They realized something strange had gone wrong in their computer systems and instead put the blame on themselves!

Since my income had improved, I happily cleared all the remaining balance in one day and I have remained on good terms with this Bank since then.  God’s wonders will never cease!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Mathew 19:26




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