Answering God’s call.

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Answering God’s call.


By  Makko  Musagara.


Answering God’s call.

One of the most difficult things I have found in God’s Kingdom is the acceptance by individuals to answer God‘s call to serve him. God calls specific persons to come out of their lifestyles to serve him, but these persons find a lot of difficulty answering that call. The same thing happened to me.  In this article I show you the difficulties I experienced and how I finally answered God’s call into ministry.

How God called me to ministry.

God called me to serve him through a vision. [Read: How the Lord gave me His message.]  The Lord wanted me to pass on the message he gave me to the whole world. But for more than five years I was held back. I could not move forward with the calling and the ministry God gave me.

The vision of a man caught within a spider web.

Then one night the Lord came to me in a vision as I slept. In this vision the Lord showed me a man who was caught within a spider web. This man was trying his best to move forward but could not. He was caught in an entanglement of a thick spider web. This man was struggling a lot to move and I got concerned. So, I asked the Lord:

“Lord, who is that person struggling with a spider web?

The Lord  replied: “That person is you!

I was puzzled as to how this man could be me. So I replied:

Lord, that man cannot be me. I have never struggled like that with a spider web

The Lord answered:

I called you to serve me but you are being held in one position by circumstances similar to someone caught in a spider web. You are always worried about many family matters like the well being of your wife, children, food for the family, clothes, housing issues, and the education of your children. Your job is also taking a lot of your time. These are the spider webs holding you back.

The Lord continued:

You are giving little attention to me and the ministry I gave you. Starting tonight I am giving a second chance. You can get out of the spider web and move forward if you give me, your Lord, and the ministry I gave you, more time. Stop worrying about your worldly needs because I will take care of them

After the Lord’s words, I woke up from this dream.


I got out of the spider web.

Following that dream, I stopped worrying about my family and job. Since then I have been more worried about the message the Lord gave me.

God’s miracles.

Following my obedience, I started seeing miracles in my family life. One of these miracles was related to the education of my children. From the time I accepted God’s call into ministry, the Lord has taken care of the education of my all my children. I have never struggled with the educational fees of any of my children. As I write this article, most of my children have completed their education by means of Government sponsorships.

Do God’s work now.

Dear reader, if God has called you into ministry then stop worrying about worldly things. God will take care of them. Concentrate on Heaven together with the assignment God gave you.



Missed calls from God


God arranges divine connections.

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