Bike-riding demons of Africa

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Bike-riding demons of Africa
Bike-riding demons of Africa



By  Makko Musagara


Bike-riding demons of Africa

Dear reader, I live on a continent where witchcraft and the occult are rampant. When I was young I used to hear of demons that rode bikes but I could not believe. A few persons who had visited witches in our village confirmed this to me saying that when the witches summon demons, the latter sometimes come riding bikes. They told me that such demons are the most powerful.

My wife’s confirmation.

Fast forward when I grew up. When I and my wife matured in Christ, God gave us individual ministries in His Kingdom. My wife was assigned to start a church in her home village which is about 70 km from our residence, in the capital city of our country. I remember one day we were talking about her ministry when she told me that in her village there is a famous witch who had demons that rode bikes. I could not understand how a demon can ride a bike, so I asked her to explain what exactly happens. “Many persons in our village report seeing the witch’s bike riding by itself around the village. They see the bike moving but the rider (the demon) is invisible!

My encounter with bike-riding demons

One time I had a young niece who was being tormented by evil spirits. She would fall sick but the medical doctors could not find any problem, until demons started manifesting. I and my wife agreed that she is brought from my brothers village to our home for prayers. When we started praying, the demon in her started confessing why they are tormenting her and who sent them to afflict her. “Why is she going to good schools when my daughters are seated at home?” the demon asked. Finally, after our intense prayers, the demons decided to leave her. “There is a lot of fire in this house, let us go” the demons said.

What happened next is what shocked me and my wife. As soon as the demons said they were leaving, we both heard the sounds of motorbikes starting their engines within our bathroom! Then we heard the bikes take off, though we could not see them with our physical eyes!

Keep checking on my posts, I will tell you more about the operations of these bike-riding demons.



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