Death can run away from you!

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Death can run away from you!
Death is a spirit. It can spare you for one reason or another.


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am bout to tell you, but it is the real truth. Death can run away from you for one reason or another.

Death ran away from me.

I was only seven years of age when my Dad passed away. Without my consent, my caretakers decided that I go and stay with a distant family that had been friends to my late Dad. After two months in this less privileged place I felt so bad because of the loss of my Dad. Also, I felt very far from the village where I grew up. I missed my siblings, people in my village, and the familiar hills. For all these reasons I decided to end my life. I took poison but I did not die. Death was avoiding me. I tried again with a more powerful poison, but again I did not die. Again death was running away from me. I became very angry with death for dodging me. What I did not know by then was that death has eyes. It saw that when I grow up, God had very important work for me to do in the Kingdom of Heaven. So, death ran away from me.

Death sees your future.

Dear reader, death has spiritual eyes. It can see that you will be a very important person in God’s Kingdom in the coming future. For this reason it will keep on running away from you.

Death ran away from Moses.

When Moses was born, death killed many baby boys in Moses’s village. Then it came closer to the house where Moses was born. Death looked at Moses and realized he was different. Death realized that God had plans of using this boy and death ran away from this baby.

You can give death an excuse.

Many people, including Christians, have passed away from this world before the time God allocated them for their existence on earth. You can do something about such premature death by giving an excuse. First, you can pledge to God that if he spares your life, you will commit your life to serving him until you leave this world. Secondly, you can speak directly to death saying you have some important work to do in God’s Kingdom on Earth. When you  make these two pronouncements, I guarantee you that death will run away from you.



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