Demonic powers defeated.

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Demonic powers defeated.

Demonic powers defeated.
In this dream, I found myself with a sword. I used it to cut off her head!


By  Makko Musagara


Demonic powers defeated.

I and my wife had just acquired our first piece of land near the capital city of our country, but we wish we had known the spiritual and physical battles that lay ahead of us.

The lady who sold us this plot had herself bought it from an elderly man who was deeply involved in witchcraft and wanted to craftily repossess this land, by all means.

The first warning sign came one Saturday morning when I met a traditional witch dressed in a bark-cloth costume and seated on a log within this plot. His rough appearance was threatening. He looked and smelt like the real devil himself.

He had about six copper bangles on each of his hand and his hair looked unkempt. To prevent a verbal confrontation, I tactically avoided talking to him as I checked on various aspects of the plot.

Without his knowledge, inside my heart I kept humming the power song ‘There is power in the blood of Jesus’ until, like an uncoiling snake, he slowly stood up and left. The first spiritual battle was won.

The following week, while in the same plot, I was physically confronted by the elderly man, who previously owned this plot. He claimed that this land belonged to him. I did not want any argument with him so I went to the Village Council chairman and told him about this confrontation.

After consulting members of his council he decided to invite both of us to a village council meeting in a week’s time to determine the rightful owner. “Let each one of you come to this meeting with proof of ownership” he told each one of us.

Three days before the meeting I started fasting asking God for victory during the village council meeting. The night before the scheduled meeting I had a strange dream.

In this dream I saw a very tall brown woman standing in the said piece of land trying to challenge me. This was a demon. I was fighting with powerful demonic powers.

Still in this dream, I suddenly found myself with a sharp sword which I used to cut off her head. I woke up from this dream feeling a lot power and strength. Then something happened. A few hours before the meeting I was working in the same piece of land when I saw a young man approaching me. He was the son of my challenger. He told these words from a distance:

Dad has told you that he was not born with land, and he will not be buried with any plot of land, therefore he is no longer interested in this land. He says you can take it’

Later that day I got a message from the village council chairman that the scheduled meeting had been cancelled at the request of challenger. I went ahead to possess this land in which I and my built our first house.


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