Get clear Heavenly dreams.

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Get clear Heaven dreams.

Get clear Heavenly dreams.


By  Makko Musagara


Get clear Heavenly dreams.

Dear reader, there is one secret I want to share with you about God’s Kingdom. God created your mind to be like a satellite dish for your TV. Just like the TV dish receives clear images from distant satellites in the sky, God created you in such a way that when you are asleep, your mind gets high definition pictures, or call them dreams, direct from heaven. Unfortunately this does not happen for many people because of interference from various sources.

The following will interfere with your ability to get clear dreams from heaven.

Going to bed without praying.

When you commit your life to our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit just before going to bed, then you increase your chances of getting clear dreams about heaven. If you do not pray, demons will interfere with pictures coming from heaven to your mind.

Food and drinks.

It is better to sleep when your body has done most of the food digestion. Food digestion interferes with your ability to get clear pictures from Heaven. Another secret about about food is that if you sleep without cleaning your mouth, chemical processes in the mouth will go on as you sleep. These processes will interfere with the pictures you get from heaven. This is the reason why someone who is fasting is more likely to get heavenly dreams than a person who is not fasting.

Alcoholic drinks.

Any serious Christian must stay away from alcoholic drinks. These drinks interfere with your ability to interact with God and Heaven.


Most medications contain chemicals that affect your body and mind. They may affect your ability to interact with God and Heaven.


Any type of sin is likely to open doors for demons to enter your life. These demons will interfere with the way you communicate with God and Heaven. Anger, Bitterness, Sexual sins, and other sins will distort your pictures from heaven.

What you watched before going to bed.

Whatever you last watched before going to bed may affect your communication with Heaven. To increase chances of getting heavenly dreams, Make it a habit to read the Word of God in the Bible just before you go to bed.

Meditate on God’s Word.

If you want to interact with heaven during your sleep, make it your habit to meditate on God’s word as you fall asleep.


This happens when you pray.

Prayer that blocks Satan.

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