God can delay events for your sake!

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God can delay events for your sake!God can delay events for your sake!


By Makko Musagara


God can delay events for your sake!

It was my first time to visit New York City and this was my final day in a hotel near Columbia University, upper Manhattan. The departure time for my flight from JFK Airport to Brussels was 6:15 pm. I booked a taxi to pick me up from the hotel at 5:00pm, completely unaware of the traffic jam challenges along the route to the Airport. The jam was so bad that by departure time of my flight I was only halfway to the airport. I could see the taxi speedometer going at an almost constant 5kmh!


We were moving at 5km per hour!

I panicked because no arrangements had been made for me to spend another night in New York. Furthermore, if I missed this flight I would find problems connecting from Europe back to my home country. I had no option but call upon God. Like Hannah, I prayed as if I had lost my mind. I repeatedly called upon the names of our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I believe the cab driver may have thought I had gone insane. It took us almost another one hour to reach the Airport. I rushed to the departure Gate and I was shocked to see not even one passenger at the check-in counters. They had all gone. Then something happened. When I told the two Gate attendants my carrier and flight number, one quickly grabbed my ticket while another checked-in my luggage. I was quickly whisked through the covered walkway into the aircraft. I was the very last to board the aircraft, one hour after the scheduled departure time. As soon as I sat and fastened by seat-belt I heard the pilot announcing: “Ladies and gentlemen we apologize for the delay. The technical error has been fixed and now we are ready to take off’ I believe this was an act of God and I praised him all the way home. God can actually delay events for your sake.



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