God needs your mind most.

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God needs your mind most.


By Makko Musagara


God needs your mind most.


Dear reader, I had taken two hours at night sitting in front of my computer doing ministry work. I was feeling sleepy and I proceeded to my bed to rest and sleep. Then suddenly I was aware of God’s presence. This presence canceled my plans of sleeping. The Lord directed me to go back on my computer and write this article you are reading. Now you can see how important this message is. God says that of all your body functions, he needs your mind most.

Your mind is actually your heart.

In most cases when the Bible talks of the heart, it is actually referring to the mind. For example, in Mathew 5:8 the Bible says that: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”  Here the word of God actually means that: “Blessed are those who have pure minds or thoughts for they will see God“. The human physical heart is just a blood-pumping organ that has no intellectual powers like the mind.

God talks to your mind most.

Do not ever waste your time trying to figure out God’s audible voice. In most cases God’s voice comes through your mind. For example, as I told you above, I was preparing to sleep when a voice came as a thought in my mind that I should write this article. I never heard God’s audible voice. God spoke to my mind.

How God caught Moses’s attention.

For several months God wanted to get Moses’s attention. The problem was that Moses’s mind was always preoccupied with tending the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law. At other times Moses’s mind was preoccupied with thoughts about Jethro’s beautiful daughters, especially Zipporah. This is why God sat down and came up with a very brilliant idea. The idea of a bush fire. This unusual fire captured all  Moses’s mind and thoughts. Moses could not even think about his beautiful lover Zipporah. He concentrated all his thought on God. After Moses gave all his mind to God, the Lord spoke to him without any obstruction.

The problem with many Christians today.

Today God wants to use many Christians to expand his Kingdom on earth. The problem is that the minds of most Christians are preoccupied with worldly affairs. They are constantly thinking about  what they will eat, how to get more money, about entertainment, about politics, and about sexual matters. For this reason God cannot speak to their minds. They cannot recognize God’s voice within their minds. Such Christians then keep on saying that God no longer speaks today.

Satan constantly makes your mind impure.

Because he knows that God needs your mind most, the Devil is working 24 hours to keep the minds of many Christians polluted with worldly things and sinful thoughts.

Pure thoughts are your best sacrifice.

Even if you bring a billion Dollars to the church altar, this offering cannot be your best sacrifice to God. The best sacrifice any Christian can give to God is the sacrifice of a pure mind. A mind that thinks about holy and good things. This is why Jesus Christ said that blessed are those with pure thoughts because they will see God in their lives (Mathew 5:8).

Consecrate your mind to God.

Starting today, consecrate your mind to God. This means you have to throw away sinful ideas as soon as they come to your mind. Think about heavenly things. One of the best ways of doing this is to read God’s written Word in the Bible. When you consecrate your mind, you will start hearing God’s voice in your mind as Moses did.



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