God sent his Angel mechanic!

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God sent his Angel mechanic!

By Makko Musagara

We had gone for burial at a village near Mbale town, about 250 km from the capital city where I live. The highway route took us through the two miles thick Mabira Forest Reserve, infamous for robberies, accidents, and dumped dead bodies.

Mabira Forest reserve, Uganda

There were many delays at the burial grounds because it had heavily rained the whole afternoon and the organizers couldn’t stick to the program.  As a result we left the burial village late in the evening heading back to the capital city. There was no incident during our return journey until we were in the middle of Mabira Forest. Our vehicle slowly started loosing power until it gradually stopped. We still had about forty miles to reach home. The chauffeur checked all engine parts correcting anything he suspected may have gone wrong, but the engine failed to start. I checked my watch and it was reading 9:40pm. Our driver gave up on the checks and we advised him to stop vehicles on the highway for assistance. But given the bad reputation of this Forest, no vehicle was  stopping. In fact each vehicle that saw us stopping them only increased speed suspecting we were highway robbers.

It was now approaching 10:30 pm and we had ran out of all options. Then I remembered something!  I remembered that God can do anything for those who believe, so I asked the chauffeur to open the bonnet again. I lifted up one arm to the heavens and laid the other on the engine, praying for God’s mercy and assistance. I reminded God what Jesus said that “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” [Mathew 19:26].  After this prayer I asked the chauffeur to enter the vehicle and start the engine. To our amazement and great relief, the engine started instantly and we were all excited! We left that Forest in great joy with our hearts thankful to our God for his mercy. We never had any other problem up to our destination. I believe the Lord sent His angel mechanic to help us out of this hopeless situation.

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not so short
That it cannot save, Nor His ear so impaired
That it cannot hear’                      Isaiah 59:1 Amplified Bible


God supernaturally restored our marriage!

Most trials are designed to make you a better person!

God can delay events for your sake!

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