God supernaturally restored our marriage!

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God supernaturally restored our marriage!


By Makko Musagara


God supernaturally restored our marriage!

I remember one night Florence (my wife) annoyed me so much because she accused me falsely, yet I have always been faithful to her. I decided not talk to her again until when she would apologize.

I think she later realized her mistake but she found it very hard to apologize. Unknown to me, God was working on his own supernatural means of reconciliation.

The following night something strange happened. Around 3:00am the Lord sent me into a deep sleep and I had a strange dream. In this dream I saw Florence in a wedding gown coming towards me singing a song we loved best when we were dating many years back. I had taken more than twenty years without listening to this song. This 1970’s song is called “Someone Loves You”  by an American country music singer called Crystal Gayle.

As she sang in this dream, I remembered our first affections with each other and I got filled with a lot of love for her. I woke up with this affection, hugged her, and all my anger was replaced with love – up to now.

God supernaturally restored our relationship!



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