God took and brought back our young daughter!

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God took and brought back our young daughter!


By Makko Musagara


God took and brought back our young daughter!

As long as I live, I will never forget this supernatural experience that drove my wife, Florence, into answering God’s call on her life. For more than six years back, God had been giving Florence dreams and utterances through different prophets instructing her to start a church ministry in her home village, about 70 kilometers from our home in the capital city, Kampala. All these years she had been giving various excuses to God.

“How can I pastor a church in my home village? Many people there will despise me. Let God send a man” she kept on saying. Another time she asked God: ‘Where will I leave my dear young Helsa?’ She was referring to our last born child, a girl who was then six years old. We did not know that God was recording all these excuses. Then one day something supernatural happened. God took us through a trial that drove my wife into accepting her call.

It was lunch time and our daughter Helsa had just returned from her elementary school nearby. After taking her lunch meal, my wife put Helsa to sleep in her bedroom. No one else was at home except I, Florence and our little girl who had gone to sleep.

I don’t know what prompted her but thirty minutes later my wife wanted to check on whether Helsa was sleeping well. An empty bed greeted her. Helsa was nowhere to be seen! I joined the hunt by checking all the rooms, toilets, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, saucepans and under all the sofas and beds. Helsa was missing. I climbed up the ceiling and found it empty. Our attention turned outside the house checking all manholes, the garden, and servants quarters. There was no way she could have gone out of our home because our house had a perimeter wall fence with a locked  gate. We checked on all our neighbors but none had seen our daughter. We all concluded that our little girl had been abducted and possibly murdered.

By this time my wife was crying uncontrollably and two women neighbors were holding her each on one side to prevent her from collapsing. Many neighbors had by now  gathered at our home trying to console us. Then my wife remembered how she had been refusing to answer God’s call. All of a sudden we heard her shout as she cried “Lord I will go!

A few moments after her words, we heard a squeaking sound of a door being opened inside our house. We did not expect that sound because we left nobody inside our house. My wife ran to check who it was only to find Helsa lying on her bed. “Where have you been?” Florence asked her.  “Mummy, I have been sleeping here. I haven’t moved at all” We realized that God in one way or another, had hidden her from us. The angels of God brought her back after my wife’s commitment to answer God’s call. The following week my wife went on to start a church ministry in her village which has turned many unbelievers to Jesus Christ.

If God has called you to ministry and you are still hesitating, I advise you obey now before you face worse trials.

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