Gods gift to you

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Gods gift to you
Gods gift to you



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I have some good news for you. I am so excited. God has a special gift for you!

The gift

The gift God has for you is that of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the best gift you will ever get during your stay here on earth. The only condition God sets on this gift is that you can only accept it when you are still living on earth. When you pass away, you will no longer be able to claim it. Here are the benefits of accepting this gift:

1. Your life will start changing. You will no longer sow to please your flesh; instead you will start sowing to [lease the Holy Spirit.

2. The same life that is in Jesus Christ will start dwelling within you.

3. If you walk carefully with God, then you shall never perish into Hell. Instead, you shall live eternally with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the holy angels, and your saved relatives in Heaven.

4. You will get eternal glory.

5. No one, not even the Devil, will snatch you out the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 10:28-30).

Accept God’s gift now

I encourage you to accept this gift now. After passing on from this world, many persons find themselves in fiery tormenting situations and they regret why they did not accept this gift.

How to accept this gift

It is very simple. Just confess this simple prayer and then commit your life to Jesus Christ.

Our Father in Heaven. I come to you in the Name of Jesus. Thank you so much for the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of my sins. I am willing right now to turn away from my sins and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. I commit myself to you and ask you to send me the Holy Spirit into my life so that I live a life that pleases you. I accept your gift of eternal life and I declare I will never go to Hell. The gift you have given me will enable me to live with you eternally in Heaven.

Thank you Father for loving me. I pray in the Name of Jesus; Amen



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