Gods stranger

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Gods stranger
Gods stranger



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, God uses a trick many Christians do not know about. He occasionally uses this hoax to assess the situation in churches, Christian homes or in certain special situations. This trick is to use His holy angels disguised as human strangers. This post is about Gods stranger and urges you to treat unknown visitors carefully with a discerning heart because some of them are actually angels in disguise.

Why God’s strangers.

There are many reasons God uses angels disguised as human beings. Below I mention a few.

  1. He may have heard some bad reports about specific churches, homes, or individuals and he wants to prove these reports.
  2. God may be planning to bless specific churches, homes or individuals but He first wants to test them.
  3. God may be planning a certain judgement which will depend on the report brought by these disguised angels.

Two disguised angels visited Lot

In Genesis 19 the Bible talks of two angels from God who were disguised as human beings. They visited Lot’s community for a divine mission. Lot quickly discerned them and welcomed them as God’s holy representatives. However, all other people in the city did not recognize them. They could not discern spiritual things. They thought they were dealing with their fellow ordinary human beings. As a result, the report these angels gave to God about this city was not good at all.

A disguised angel of God visits a future world evangelist.

I have a friend who is a world evangelist. God has blessed him so much that he has visited most countries in the world where he has preached the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many souls have been saved because of this man. One day I asked him about the source of his success. He told me the following story:

I was an ordinary person in our church and my home was open to most visitors. Then one day an elderly man visited me and my wife (before we got our first child) at our home. We did not know him but he knew us very well. Since he knew us well, we heartily welcomed him and prepared a meal for him. After the meal he blessed us and prophesied to me that I will travel nations spreading the Word of God to unsaved souls. He never gave us his address and after that visit, we never saw him again. We believe it was God’s angel. When I look back now, God has fulfilled this strangers’ prophecy in my life.


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