Going direct to Heaven.

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Going to Heaven direct
One of Idi Amin’s firing squad victims. After tying him with ropes, he was permitted to say his last prayers. He was then shot with more than 10 bullets.


By Makko Musagara


Going direct to Heaven.

Dear reader, after their death, many Christians will find out that going to Heaven is not as easy as they thought. Some very little sins like refusing to return someone’s greetings may prevent many Christians from entering Heaven. In this post I show you two ways any person, Christian or non-Christian is capable of going direct to Heaven.

Hurdles to Heaven.

Many Christians do not take their Salvation in Jesus Christ seriously and, without their knowledge, commit simple sins that may prevent them from entering Heaven.

Other Christians take God’s grace too far expecting Him to cover all their intentional sins under this grace. As a result, after their death, many such Christians find themselves going to Hell instead of Heaven.

Two ways of going direct to Heaven.

Any person, Christian or non-Christian can go direct to Heaven if, at their time of death, they do any of the following two things.

Calling upon the Name of Jesus.

If, at your time of death, you call upon the Name of Jesus, be assured you will make it to Heaven.

A Muslim man found in Heaven.

During the Rwandan genocide of 1994 a group of killers came closer to one hospital ward near Kigali, Rwanda. They were determined to kill everyone in one ward where many  patients were hiding.

On hearing the approaching voices of these killers, most patients panicked with terror and they started wailing for mercy. A Christian man by the names of Emmanuel Twagirimana, who had been hospitalized due to serious bomb wounds, calmed them and asked everyone to call upon the Name of Jesus. Many did so, including one Muslim.

When the fierce killers entered this hospital ward they found every patient calling upon the Name of Jesus. This made them think twice. They said among themselves: “It seems all these are Born-again Christians. They are the type who shout like this”.

Then they  asked the terrified patients: “Are you all Born-again Christians?.  All the patients answered “YES!” in unison, including the  Muslim man. The killers then said: “Let us leave them” and they left that Ward!

Later in his near death experience Pastor Emmanuel was shocked to find the same Muslim man with Jesus in Heaven. He asked Jesus, how come this man who was a Muslim in Rwanda is here in Heaven.

Jesus replied: “He is here because as he was dying, he called upon my Name, and I saved him from perishing into Hell“. Read the rest of Pastor Emmanuel Twagirimana’s heaven experiences in his book “Seven Days in Heaven“.

Amin’s Firing Squads.

I was a small boy during the violent regime of Idi Amin of Uganda. One time he faced armed opposition and he decided to teach all his enemies a lesson they would never forget. He arranged public executions of dozens of his enemies by military firing squads. These firing squads shock the whole world. Read New York Times: 15 Killed by Uganda Firing Squads.

The reason I write about these firing squads is something strange that happened to the victims just before they were shot. Their executors allowed them to say their last prayers. Indeed, some Ugandan Bishops were invited to lead some of these victims into their last prayers. What a blessing!

Later one of these Bishops testified that he saw the glowing faces of these men as soon as they called on the Name of Jesus! You can confirm what I say from this story: “Execution of three men by Firing Squad” I believe many of these men who called upon the Name of Jesus are now with Jesus in Heaven.

Way number two of going direct to Heaven.

Another way any Christian person can go direct to Heaven is when at  the very  time of your death, you repent all your sins asking for God’s forgiveness in the Name of Jesus. If you do this at your point of death, be assured you will go direct to Heaven to be with Jesus.


Obstacles to Heaven



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