God saved me from candle fire.

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How God saved my Bible and myself from candle fire


By Makko Musagara


How God saved my Bible and myself from candle fire

I had gone to the northern Uganda town of Gulu, which is about 350 km from home. Because of the long journey, I reached this town very tired late in the evening. I found most hotels fully booked so I had no alternative but check in a moderate lodging place. I usually move with my Bible on such journeys and I wanted to read it before sleeping. No sooner had I opened the Bible than electric power went off. The whole place remained in darkness. As this motel had no standby generator, yet I very much wanted to read my Bible before sleeping, I had to go to a nearby kiosk and buy a candle together with a matchbox. I lit the candle, put it on a small table near my bed and started reading the Word of God. As I continued reading, I slowly fell asleep. During my sleep the candle burned up until it finally reached its base where fire mixed with wax and slowly started burning the small wooden table.

The candle lit up items on my wooden table!

Some documents near the candle caught fire until the flames came to the edge of my Bible. God was watching from His throne in heaven. It was at this moment that something, most likely God or an angel, suddenly woke me up. I quickly put out the fire and greatly thanked the Lord for saving me and my Bible.  Thank you Lord!

If you say, ‟The Lord is my refuge”, and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you. No disaster will come near your tent”  Psalm 91:9-10



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