How God’s Kingdom looks like.

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How God's Kingdom looks like.

How God’s Kingdom looks like.


By Makko Musagara


How God’s Kingdom looks like.

The Kingdom of God  is one of the key elements of the teachings of Jesus. Below I give the characteristics of God’s Kingdom on earth.

    1. God’s Kingdom  is an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    2. God’s Kingdom  is headed by God our Father, creator of the heavens and earth.
    3. God’s Kingdom on earth was first established in the Garden of Eden before man messed it up.
    4. Our heavenly Father  appointed Jesus Christ to be the Lord of His Kingdom on earth.
    5. God’s Kingdom is a kingdom of repentance and forgiveness.
    6. God’s Kingdom is a Kingdom of righteousness.
    7. It is a Kingdom of peace.
    8. It is a Kingdom of love.
    9. It is a Kingdom of joy
    10. It is a Kingdom of happiness.
    11. It is a Kingdom of abundance (no lack).
    12. It is a Kingdom of perfect health (no disease at all).
    13. It is a Kingdom of eternity (no death).
    14. It is a Kingdom guided by the Word of God in the Bible.
    15. It is a Kingdom of light (not darkness).
    16. It is a Kingdom of worship and praising our God the Father our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
    17. It is an everlasting Kingdom (not like the Devil’s kingdom that will come to an end).
    18. It is a Kingdom of unison and harmony.
    19. It is a Kingdom full of angels.
    20. It is a Kingdom without demons or evil spirits.
    21. It is a Kingdom where the Holy Spirit is in total control of everything.
    22. It is a Kingdom of no worries at all.

Always pray that God’s Kingdom comes on earth and at every place where you step your feet.


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