How to call angels quickly

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How to call angels quickly
How to call angels quickly



By  Makko Musagara


How to call angels quickly

Dear reader, do you want God’s angels to intervene quickly into your situation? This post shows you how. There is a way how to call angels quickly.

In the Bible Jesus Christ faced a very difficult situation whereby he faced the real Devil. Satan himself. Jesus did not panic. He did not run away. He did not call the Police. He did not raise an alarm so that people come to help him. He did not kneel down crying to God for help. He just took one action of great importance: He quoted Scriptures.  The most interesting thing is that Jesus did not have a Bible or scrolls to quote from. He got all Scripture quotations from his head.

Jesus quoted Scriptures


1. Jesus replied to him, “It is written and forever remains written,

 Man shall not live by bread alone[a].’   Luke 4:4 AMP


2. Jesus said to him, “On the other hand, it is written and forever remains written,

You shall not test the Lord your God.’

     Mathew 4:7 AMP


3. Jesus replied to him, “It is written and forever remains written,

You shall worship the Lord your God and serve only Him.’”      Luke 4:8 AMP


4.Jesus replied to him, “It is said [in Scripture],

You shall not tempt the Lord your God [to prove Himself to you].’”    Luke 4:12 AMP


As Jesus continued quoting Scriptures, two things happened:

  1. The Devil fled.
  2. God’s Angels showed up.

Then the devil left Him; and angels came and ministered to Him [bringing Him food and serving Him].” Mathew 4:11 AMP

Dear reader, this is what we ought to do always. To daily read God’s Word and equip ourselves with the most important Scriptures to apply in any difficult situation. As you continually speak them in your difficult situations, the Devil will have no option but to flee. God’s angels will come and minister to you.




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