Identifying God’s voice

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Identifying God's voice

Identifying God’s voice.


By  Makko Musagara


Identifying God’s voice.

Dear reader, you may find difficulty believing this, but it is the real truth. Most times when my wife is returning home from her work, her shopping or other travels, she does not need to call me on phone to tell me she is on her way back. Usually about ten minutes before she reaches our home I hear God’s voice telling me that she is about to reach our house. God instructs me to leave everything I am doing and go to our main gate to welcome her back.  At other times I may be busy doing something upstairs and I hear God’s voice instructing me to go downstairs because someone is about to reach our gate. Within a few minutes I hear a visitor knocking or ringing the bell at our gate. So, how do I hear God’s voice with such accuracy? In this article I am going to tell you how you can identify God’s voice with precision.

God’s audible voice.

Ever since I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior I have never heard God’s audible voice. I mean, like you hear an ordinary person talking to you. Yet he has been speaking to me always. This is where many Christians have resigned. They have waited, and waited to hear God’s audible voice, but they cannot hear it. So, they gave up waiting for God’s voice. They have concluded that God no longer speaks today.

God speaks to your mind.

In all the instances God has spoken to me, he has always communicated through my mind. Let me give you another example. Just before writing this article I had taken about twelve hours wondering what the subject of my next Blog post would be. I had three draft articles in the queue, but I could not feel God’s green light to write any of them in detail. God rejected all of them, like he rejected all David’s brothers just before he was anointed by Samuel. Then, less than an hour ago I had gone to my bedroom to pick up something and I heard God speak to my mind that I should write something related to the hearing of his voice. God’s voice came as a thought, not an audible instruction. It was something like a suggestion or an idea. But this was not an ordinary thought or suggestion. It was an idea inspired by God.

Identifying God’s thoughts.

So, how do you separate ordinary thoughts from thoughts inspired by God? I can say that it takes some time to learn this. It is like learning to identify the voices of individuals. You may close your eyes and tell, without seeing the person talking, that it is the voice of so and so. Because of the experience I have now, I can confirm with precision that a particular thought or idea is God’s voice.

Another characteristic of God’s thoughts.

Most times God gives you ideas, suggestions or thoughts that promote his Kingdom. For example, in relation to the example I gave above, I have never heard God’s suggestion or voice instructing me to go and slap my wife’s face three times; or pour a cup of hot tea in her face. That would be the Devil’s voice, not God’s.

God needs your mind most.

Of all your body functions, God needs your mind most so that he is able to talk to you on a daily basis. Read: God needs your mind most.

Satan wants to hijack your mind.

Satan knows that God’s voice comes mostly through your mind. This is the reason the Devil always plants evil ideas into your mind so that God has no place to place his voice. The Devil wants your mind to be constantly pre-occupied and polluted with worldly concerns so that you do not hear from God.

Give God more time.

Starting today, give God a lot more time to enable him talk to you through your mind. You will get familiar with his voice and he will always instruct you what he wants you to do in your walk with him.



Satan’s very heavy presence.


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