Leave children in church alone

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Leave children in church alone

Leave children in church alone.


By Makko Musagara


Leave children in church alone

Dear reader, God is concerned about how children going to his house of worship and prayer are mistreated. They are treated like trespassers or criminals, who should never come inside God’s house. This post is to ask all Christians to leave children coming into God’s house alone. Do not bother them as they worship and pray to God.

God’s observation.

Go to most churches in the world, especially the big ones, and put an eight-year child in one of the main service seats. An usher will quickly come, rebuke both the parent and child (Mathew 19:13), make that child stand up, hold that child by the hand and rush her to what the world has accepted as the Sunday school. You can imagine the humiliation that child goes through. It may make that child hate salvation and coming back to God’s House any more.

Jesus Christ invited children to his sermons.

Jesus Christ never had separate services for children. Some adults and ushers were worried that children would cause distraction as Jesus talked. What they did not know was that the anointing of the Holy Spirit always subdued any trouble from both children and adults. The Holy Spirit always kept children calm. This is how the Holy Spirit handles drunkards and other trouble-causers during church services. Children usually do not cause distraction; it is the Devil and his demons who always cause disturbance and confusion during church services.

Children bring holiness to services.

Most children are viewed as holy and innocent by God. Their holiness spreads to the whole church service. Remember what God told Abraham when he wanted to destroy a whole city. Abraham asked God: “What if only ten righteous persons are found in that city you want to destroy?”. God responded: “For the sake of ten I will not destroy that city” (Genesis 18:32).

Let the little children join the services .

Jesus Christ is asking all churches to allow children in their services. This is what Jesus is telling all ministers of God:

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” Mathew 19:14.



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