Missed calls from God

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Missed calls from God.


By    Makko Musagara


Missed calls from God.

Dear reader, many Christians pray to God but they believe he does not talk to them. This is not true. God talks to you on a regular basis through your mind. When you make it to Heaven, you will find thousands of missed calls from God that he made to you when you were still on earth.

So, how does God speak to you?

God speaks by putting his own thoughts into your mind. This is how God speaks to me always. Because he has been doing this for a long time, I have learnt to differentiate God’s thoughts from mine. In other words, I have learnt to recognize or identify God’s voice within my mind.

How God saved my children from a cobra snake.

When my children were still young, they usually placed a mat on the green lawn in the front yard of our house for playing.  After breakfast my children always rushed to this mat to start playing. One night a cobra snake came into our compound and hid unnoticed below this mat. In the morning, no one saw this snake underneath the mat except our Father in Heaven.  Early in the morning I and my family were at the breakfast table and my children were about to rush to their playing mat. If they were to sit on the mat, they would agitate the cobra snake underneath, and it would fight back by biting them.

How God saved my children.

While all  my family was seated around the breakfast table, a strange thought came into mind instructing me to leave the breakfast table immediately and proceed to the front yard. At first I thought this was funny; why should I leave my enjoyable breakfast in such a hurry?  So, I disregarded this thought and I lifted up my cup of tea to drink. Just before I put the cup of tea near my mouth, I got the same thought again. The thought was saying: “Put the cup down and proceed to the front yard“. This time I knew it was a thought from God. In other words, it was the voice of God speaking to me directly. I put down the cup of tea and walked to the front lawn of our house. My family was surprised that  I had to leave the table hurriedly.

When I reached the front lawn, I just stood there not knowing what to do. Then suddenly a strange thought came to my mind. This thought said: “Always it is my children cleaning this compound. Today I will give them a surprise. After their breakfast they will find the whole front lawn well cleaned“. What I did not know was that this thought was from God. It was God’s voice speaking within my mind.

Now I was ready to clean the compound. I picked up a broom and stood motionless wondering where to start the cleaning. Then suddenly another strange thought came to my mind. This was again the voice of God speaking within my thoughts . The thought said: “I will start this cleaning by first putting away that mat“.  So, following this thought, or call it God’s voice, I walked to the place where the mat was and I lifted it up. I was terrified when I saw  a black cobra snake uncoiling and lifting its head from the place where I lifted the mat. I immediately called my wife and, since we had no other option, we killed this snake before it bit anyone.

Dear reader, you can see how God spoke to me, and how my obedience to his voice saved my children from this poisonous snake. God always speaks to you, though you may find it difficult to recognize his voice.



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