Overcome demonic attacks.

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Overcome demonic attacks.


By  Makko Musagara


How to overcome demonic and witchcraft attacks

Present yourself into Gods presence.

Father, I come into your presence in the Name of Jesus

Call upon the Name of Jesus.

“Lord Jesus, I call upon your Name, for it is written that whoever call’s upon your Name will be saved”


Pray the Lord’s Prayer. The Lord’s Prayer will do the following:

a) You will acknowledge God’s power to help you.

b) You will invite God’s Kingdom to replace Satan’s kingdom.

c) You will ask God to implement His will in your life. Satan’s will for you will disappear.

d) Your sins, which may open doors for demons to attack you, will be forgiven.

e) You will ask God not to take you through difficult trials and temptations.

Ask the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within you.

“It is written that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit come and dwell within my body, spirit and soul”


Cover yourself, your house and your household with the blood of Jesus Christ.

“It is written that we overcame the devil by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus’ Name I plead the blood of Jesus into my hands. As I lay my hands on my head, I cover my whole body with the blood of Jesus. As I lay my hands on the wall of my house, I cover everything in this house with the blood of Jesus”


Start binding all demons or evil spirits.

“It is written that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, In Jesus’ Name we bind you demons and all evil spirits causing this condition”


Cast away the bound demons and all evil spirits.

“In Jesus’ name I command you bound spirits to leave this place now. I command you to go into the deserts and never come back to this place”


How Satan gets God’s permission to tempt Christians.

Prayer that blocks Satan.

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4 Responses

  1. Rose

    Healing from demonic attacks physically, spiritually and daily trials of fear, anxiety, entrapment, life employment taken without a reason due to the demonic entrapment attacks. Relationship all areas nil and constant trials and tribulations.

    Employment blockage family dispute over jealousy envy greed controlling abuses in words and action no peace in the home and within our mind body and spirit – Can you please pray to release the bondage of the enemy who comes to destroy and kill.

  2. dml

    Prayers needed from the attack of physical and mental demons. They attack all day for 12 years. Voices and physically tormenting and needs to stop

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