Overcoming death threats

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Overcoming death threats
Overcoming death threats



By  Makko Musagara


Death threats can be overcome when you stretch your faith beyond ordinary limits. Due to lack of an appropriate phrase, I have called this dangerous faith because it puts you in danger, forcing God to come to your rescue. In this post I show you how you can use dangerous faith for overcoming death threats.

How to develop dangerous faith

You develop dangerous faith when you give all your life to God. You do not care at all about any dangers around you. You have given all the responsibility concerning your life to God. You are no longer afraid of death. It is now death fearing you. You have already decided that “If I die, I die. Father if my time has come, help me go Heaven not Hell. If my time has not come yet, I know nothing will happen to me”.   This is the type of faith Daniel and his two friends developed. They did not mind about Nebuchadnezzar’s threats. They were not scared by the fiery furnace before them. They had committed all their lives to God.

How I overcame death threats

From my own experiences, it is dangerous faith that moves God most.  I remember one time I got so many death threats that I was even afraid of moving out of my house. Then I gradually developed dangerous faith. “OK, I am going out, if they want they can kill me; but I know they cannot because I still have a lot of God’s work to do”. As I daily confessed like this, I realized that those who had made threats were now the ones fearing me. They thought I had acquired some obscure bodyguards but the truth is that I had no guards with me. They thought I had acquired a machine gun, but I was not armed. They gave up their threats after seeing my sudden boldness. Even God was moved by my faith and boldness. As a result, something happened. One day I was reading my Bible when I was led to randomly open my Bible. The page I opened had Zechariah 12. Then, like a very beautiful butterfly flying from a lovely flower, Verse 3 gently jumped out of the Bible into my eyes. It said:

              “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her,

I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.

All who try to move it will injure themselves”

Since that encounter with God, I have never been afraid of death and death threats. God has made me an immovable rock. Anyone wanting to injure me will be injured and give up before even approaching me.



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