The power of singing in your heart

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The power of singing in your heart
The power of singing in your heart



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I want to give you a very powerful spiritual weapon that many Christians know nothing about. It is the weapon of singing praise and worship in your heart.

It invites God’s presence.

Singing in your heart will invite God’s presence in your life. Your will be covered by the glory of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Demons will keep a distance.

A surge in power.

When you worship and praise God in your heart you will gradually feel a surge in the spiritual power of your life. You will become invincible without your knowledge. Demons will keep away.

Surrounded by fire.

Worshiping and praising God in your heart will create a wall of spiritual fire around you. Demons will see this fire and stay away.

It will sanctify your mind.

Praising and worshiping God in your heart will sanctify your mind by cleaning your mind and keeping unholy thoughts away.

Advantages of singing in your heart.

Unlike singing loudly, worshiping in your heart is a secret weapon that you can use everywhere in all circumstances. No one, except demons, will know you are deploying this weapon. No one in the public will know you are a believer in Jesus. Secondly, you can easily apply this weapon in the public without anyone knowing it. Thirdly, it will keep you focused on Heaven and on God’s Kingdom.

Keep on singing.

Sing in your heart when you are alone; when you are in the public, when you are facing challenges and difficult situations; when you go sleeping, and when you are facing death. In all these situations, God will give you victory.



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