Prostrating is best worship.

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Prostrating is best worship.

Prostrating is best worship.


By  Makko Musagara


Prostrating is best worship.

Dear reader, many times I do not choose the topic to write about. It is God who chooses, then I go ahead and write. The same thing has happened regarding this article. As soon as I woke up moments ago I heard the Lord speaking to me about worship by prostration. Previously I looked at prostration as something used in religion or by those worshiping their traditional leaders, until God gave me this revelation. This is why I am writing about this subject now.

The glory of Jesus Christ.

One day as Jesus Christ sat very tired near Jacob’s Well (John chapter 4), he felt unrecognized and very thirsty. He wished someone could come and acknowledge him as a gift from Heaven to all people on Earth.

I wish someone comes here and realizes that I am the Bread of Life, the Deliverer, the Good Shepherd, the Lord of Lords, and the King of Kings Jesus thought in his mind.

A few minutes later a woman came to draw water but she failed to recognize who Jesus Christ was. She talked to Jesus as if she was talking to an ordinary person. For this reason she missed many heavenly blessings. This is what happens when many Christians go before our Father in Heaven. They go to him like they are going before an ordinary person. They fail to recognize who our Father in Heaven is and, as a result, they miss many heavenly blessings.

The glory of our Father in Heaven.

Our Father in Heaven is always saying to himself:

I wish someone on Earth comes before me realizing that I am the Ancient of Days, the Most High, the Most Supreme being, the I AM, the Creator of everything, the Healer, the Provider of everything, the Sanctifier,  the Banner, that Nothing is Impossible for me, that I deserve all the honor  and glory

Many Christians go before God in prayer not knowing who he is. If they knew, the first thing they would do as soon they entered into his presence is to prostrate themselves before him in worship. This is what the Lord asked me to tell all Christians.

The prostration I am taking about.

The type of prostration I am talking about is when a person lays flat on the ground, with the face touching the floor in worship of our Heavenly Father.

How God perceives prostration.

Dear reader, suppose the woman who met Jesus at Jacob’s well (John 4:6-7) had immediately recognized Jesus, fell on the ground, prostrated herself and worshiped him, what do you think Jesus’s reaction would have been?  Our Lord Jesus Christ would have been very pleased in his heart. Jesus would immediately have smiled and said to himself:

This woman has recognized who I am. I am very pleased with her. May my Father’s blessings always be upon her

This is exactly how our Father in Heaven perceives anybody who goes to him in prostration. He becomes very pleased  in his heart with that person. He starts smiling and he will command his blessings upon that person. If you go to God by first prostrating before  him,  you will reap a lot of heavenly blessings.

Start prostrating before God.

In this article I am not talking about religious or traditional rituals and ceremonies. I am talking about worshiping God when you meet him one on one in prayer. When you start prostrating before our Father in Heaven every time you go to him in prayer, you will start seeing the better and blessed part of your life.

Preparing for life in  Heaven.

When you start worshiping God by prostration, you will be practicing what you will be doing when you go to Heaven. In heaven all the twenty four Elders, all the angels, and all other inhabitants worship God mainly by prostration (Revelation 4:9-10) .




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