Protect you grave sites

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Protect you grave sites
Protect you grave sites



By Makko Musagara


Protect you grave sites

Dear reader, what happened when the Witch of Endor called Prophet Samuel’s spirit from his grave (1 Samuel 28:3-24) is just a tip of the iceberg of what witches can do to the graves of our loved ones. In this post I advise you what you can do to protect the souls of your deceased and their grave sites.

Witches and graveyards

One of the places on earth most frequented by witches and Satanists are the graveyards.  We sleep in our houses believing that the souls of our deceased loved ones are resting in peace when in reality they are nightly being disturbed by witches, occultists, Satanists and other agents of Satan.

Just like the Witch of Endor did, these agents of Satan can go to graves deep in the night and perform rituals that bring the coffin and its dead body out of the grave. After performing whatever they want on the dead body, they use demonic powers to put the coffin back in the grave. While at the grave site witches can do the following:

-They can command the spirit of that dead person to haunt a living person of their choice.

-They can steal any natural talents the deceased had.

-They can rob the divine blessings and riches the deceased had.

– They can make the spirit of dead disclose secrets that may give them a clue to what they want.

How to protect the graves and souls of your deceased.

  1. Pray for the body of your deceased loved one before it is put in the coffin. Cover it with the Blood of Jesus. Ask Jesus Christ to always keep the soul of your loved one in peace.
  2. Anoint the body of your deceased loved one with anointing oil.
  3. Anoint the coffin with oil and cover it with the Blood of Jesus.
  4. Anoint the grave site with oil and cover it with the Blood of Jesus.

When you do all this, I assure you that witches, occultists, Satanists and other agents of Satan will never disturb the soul of your deceased loved one. If they ever attempt, they will instead see the fire of Jesus exploding from the grave of you loved one into their faces.

Mention your body in your will.

Dear reader, after their death, many people wish to rest in peace. But this is not the case for the reasons mentioned above. The only way you can ensure that you are not disturbed by witches after death is to indicate in your Will how you wish your body to be handled. It must be prayed for, anointed with oil and must be covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ. If you do this, no agent of Satan will ever disturb you until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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