Redundant powerful heavenly cables.

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Redundant powerful heavenly cables.
Redundant powerful heavenly cables.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. Heaven has rolls and rolls of redundant super-strong supernatural wires. They are lying there in Heaven unused because many Christians on Earth do not know how to use them. You are about to know how to use these powerful wires.

How the Lord revealed these heavenly cables to me.

An evil spirit of a huge demonic python had invaded me in my house and I was in fierce spiritual battle. One strange thing about this spirit was that it kept on appearing and disappearing. It would momentarily appear in the physically, then in a few minutes it goes back into the spiritual.  As this battle raged on, the Lord instructed me to apply the supernatural weapon of binding. Before I proceed with my story, let me pause to tell you what Jesus said about this weapon.

The weapon of binding.

Jesus gave all believers a very powerful spiritual weapon when he said these words:

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heavenMathew 18:18

For a long time I did not know how this weapon operated until the Lord actually revealed to me this weapon in action as you are about to see.

The giant python re-appeared.

I had just gone to bed and as I dozed, this giant spirit of a python reappeared in my bedroom. This giant python had made huge coils near my bed and it opened its mouth very wide preparing to swallow me starting with both my hands! As soon as I saw it I remembered the instructions the Lord had given me. I jumped out my bed and shouted as follows:

It is written that whatever we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven! I bind you spirit of a python in Jesus Name!

Heavenly wires came in my bedroom.

Dear reader, as soon as I shouted those words, something supernatural happened. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I saw very strong heavenly cables descending from the ceiling of my bedroom. They quickly pounced on the giant python and they started binding it. I never saw any person or angel operating these cables. They were operating themselves. It seems they were being operated by remote control from Heaven. Another strange thing I observed about this supernatural war was that these cables bound this python with a lot of squeezing. You can imagine a python that was about 20 feet long being squeezed into the size of a Coca-Cola bottle! This is how the weapon of binding operates.

Everything became calm.

After this supernatural binding, spiritual calm returned to my bedroom. I never saw the giant python again and I went into a deep sleep. Unknown to me, the war was not yet over. I was still left with one more step to get total victory.

The bound spirit was still in my bedroom.

I thought I had got total victory until the following night. Again as I was gathering sleep the Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I saw that the bound spirit was still in my bedroom! I asked the Lord why this spirit was still there and what I am supposed to do. The Lord answered as followed:

You bound the spirit, but you never cast it away. Cast the bound spirit away right now!

I jumped out of the bed and shouted: “You bound spirit I command you to go into the desert never to come back to this house. At this command the spirit left like a fired missile. This spirit left with such power that my whole house shook! This was how powerful this spirit was. But as you saw in this real story, the Name of Jesus Christ was more powerful

Rolls of redundant wires in Heaven.

The Lord told me that rolls and rolls of redundant heavenly wires like the ones I saw in my bedroom lie in Heaven unused because many Christian are not applying the spiritual weapon of binding. Dear child, start using the weapon of binding everyday in your battles with evil spirits.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


This happens when you pray.


Satan flees before you complete these words!


Satan uses other persons to fight you.



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