Satan’s promotions

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Satan's promotions
Satan’s promotions



By  Makko Musagara


Satan’s promotions

The Devil is always promoting his agents for the good job done. In this post I would like to tell you more about Satan’s promotions.

Like in the military, every time Satan’s agents make notable achievements, the Devil promotes them. Below  I mention the top 10 achievements for which Satan promotes his agents. When I talk of agents I mean demons, satanists, witches, magicians, occultists, enchanters, and sorcerers, to mention a few.

  1. Agents that kill very many persons.
  2. Agents who lead Christians to fall into sin.
  3. Agents who lead God’s ministers into sin.
  4. Agents who destroy churches.
  5. Agents who break up prayer and intercession groups.
  6. Agents that break up church choirs and worship teams.
  7. Agents who weaken prayer warriors.
  8. Agents who recruit many people in Satan’s kingdom.
  9. Agents who fight the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  10. Agents who are always obeying, without any delay, Satan’s commands.

Satan’s final reward to his agents

Satan’s final reward to all his promoted agents is death. He kills them to ensure they have no opportunity to repent and turn to God. The second reason why the Devil kills all his agents is to ensure that all his agents go with him to Hell.

Jesus Christ is the best master

Jesus Christ is the best master to serve because he gives life in its fullness to all his followers. Listen to what Jesus said in his own words:

“I give them eternal life,

and they shall never perish;

            no one will snatch them out of my hand.”   John 10:28




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