Satan’s robotic animals

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Satan's robotic animals
Satan, demons and witches can on some missions turn into animals, insects and birds for espionage and spiritual warfare



By  Makko Musagara


Satan’s robotic animals

Robotic bugs are a game changing technology, which has opened up possibilities that were fiction a generation ago. These robotic insects can effortlessly infiltrate inhabited buildings, while being controlled from a long distance; and they are equipped with cameras and a built-in microphone. These devices have the ability to land precisely on human skin, use their super-micron sized needle to take DNA samples and quickly fly off again. All the people feel is the pain of a mosquito bite without the burning sensation. The drone is hard to detect and it can be used to inject toxins into desired targets.

In the same way, Satan, demons and witches can on some missions turn into animals, insects and birds for espionage and spiritual warfare. This truth is clearly displayed in the Book of Genesis where Satan converted into a serpent in order to tempt Eve and Adam.

Why Satan, demons and witches turn into animals and insects

Witches can convert into animals for the purpose of efficiency and disguise. The most popular animals are snakes, cats, owls and rats, while the most used insects are flies, bees and cockroaches. By turning into animals, insects and birds, witches become less visible and more dangerous as they can enter into homes and other inhabited areas without detection by humans. In this form witches can enter into homes to spy by listening to conversations and then curse the inhabitants of these homes.

How to counter demonic animals and insects

You can prevent demonic animals and insects from entering into your home and compound through prayer and by daily pleading the Blood of Jesus in your home and in your compound. If you do this, every time such animals and insects attempt to enter your home they will see fire that will scare them away.



Prayer that blocks Satan.



“I will die with many Christians” swears Satan.


Satan’s wound


Satan’s days are now numbered.



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