Seeking God on the Internet.

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Seeking God on the Internet.

Seeking God on the Internet.


By Makko Musagara


Seeking God on the Internet.

Dear reader, you have at your disposal a great tool to enable you seek  and improve your relationship with God.

This tool is the Internet, or what others call the Web. In this article I show you the best way of seeking God on the Internet.

Internet as a dangerous place.

Let me start by warning you that the Internet is like a big city where some places like bars, casinos, night clubs, and red-light districts are no-go areas for Christians.

In the same way, the Internet can be dangerous for many careless Christians. Satan has laid his own websites on the Internet to lead these careless Christians into his prisons. Read: Websites to Satan’s Prison to  know the no-go areas on the Internet for Christians.

Your Church website.

Your Church  website is a great starting point for seeking God on the Internet.

Visiting other Christian Resources on the Internet made easy.

With millions of Christian resources on the Internet, your search for the best has  been made easy by a one-stop Christian website called Feedspot.

Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular Christian websites, blogs, podcasts, forums and YouTube channels in the categories below.

Best Christian magazines.

Best Christian podcasts.

Best Christian forums.

Best Christian music channels.

Best Christian women’s blogs.

Best Christian women’s podcasts.

Best Christian health and fitness blogs.

Best  Christian lifestyle blogs.

Best Christian writers blogs.

Best Christian homemaking blogs.

Best Christian teen blogs.

Best Christian homesteading blogs.

Best Christian YouTube channels.

Best Christian relationship blogs

Best Christian business podcasts.

Best Black Christian Blogs.

Best Christian poetry blogs.

Christian personal testimony websites.

Christian websites with personal testimonies of salvation, near-death experiences, deliverance, and other miracles are also very good in building up your relationship and faith in God.

Sleeping Christian soldiers.

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