Staying away from curses.

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Staying away from curses.
Stop regretting. Regrets will only work to bring curses upon your life.


By   Makko Musagara


Staying away from curses.

Dear reader, there is something I have seen among God‘s children. There are some Christians who wake up in the morning and, without their knowledge, do things that bring curses upon their lives. In this post I show you how to stay away from such curses.


If you do not want curses upon your life, then stay away from anything that may provoke your anger. The moment you become angry, then you have opened up a door for curses to enter your life.

Bitterness of heart.

Stay away from anything that may create bitterness within your heart. A bitter heart opens a door for curses to come upon your life. It is better to forgive and forget. If you realize that something is provoking bitterness within you, then stay away from that situation.


Stay away from anything that may create hatred in your heart. If you entertain hatred, then you are inviting a lot of curses upon your life. Always  replace hatred with love.

Useless arguments.

Many Christians get involved in useless arguments that bring a lot of curses upon their lives. I have seen couples who start by arguing over small things like “Fire is stronger than water” then they end up fighting each other. They did not realize that by engaging in such useless arguments they were inviting curses upon their lives.


Many Christians have heaped curses upon their lives by entertaining regrets. Some regret why they never continued with their education. Others regret why they entered into their current relationships. And there are those who regret why they were born (Job 3:3-4). They are not aware that by entertaining regrets they are indirectly inviting curses upon their lives.  It is better to thank God always for whatever has come your way. As you daily thank God for the  bad and good things, you will reap God’s daily blessings.

Negative utterances.

There are some Christians who utter negative statements the whole day. Statements like “I am poor“, “I will never make it” “I am always sick“, “I always perform badly”  will only work to bring curses upon that person.


If you are seeking God’s blessings, then you better throw worry out of your mind. Worry will only work to bring curses upon your life. When you totally surrender your life to God, he will release a lot of heavenly blessings upon your life.


Satan uses gossip to curse some Christians. If you want God’s blessings, then stay away from any gossiping persons. Excuse yourself and leave those persons immediately.



Oração que bloqueia Satanás.

This happens when you pray.

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