You can live forever

    By   Makko Musagara   You can live forever Dear reader, I have some very good news for you!  God has a very good offer for you right now. You can live for ever. ‘Does that imply I will … Continued

Jesus offers you life

    By  Makko Musagara   Jesus offers you life If I was offered to chose between Jesus Christ and Satan I would, without any hesitation, choose Jesus for one main reason: Jesus offers life, whereas Satan offers death. This … Continued

Undeliberate sex with demons

    By  Makko Musagara   Undeliberate Sex with demons The Devil is always looking for ways of downloading sex demons into the lives of Christians. For believers walking careful lives, Satan will fail in this mission. However, for Christians walking … Continued

Signs of a spiritual husband

    By  Makko Musagara   Signs of a spiritual husband Some female individuals, including some Christian women, have unknowingly made agreements with the Devil and, as a result, he has assigned them male demons to be their spiritual husbands. … Continued

Satan’s 10 commandments

    By   Makko Musagara   Satan’s 10 commandments The Devil mimics everything God does and for that reason has come up with his own 10 commandments. Here is a list of Satan’s 10 commandments.   1. Satan wants his … Continued

Restore your blessings now

    By   Makko Musagara   Restore your blessings now Dear reader, Satan has stolen too much from you. God planned that you would be a very blessed person. It is time to fight back. Restore your blessings now. 1. … Continued

Dangers of many sex partners

Dangers of many sex partners   By Makko Musagara   Dangers of many sex partners Dear reader, there is no other system on Earth Satan has used to destroy individuals lives more than the sex network. In this post I … Continued

Satan’s CCTV cameras

    By  Makko Musagara   Satan’s CCTV cameras Dear reader, this post is to let you know that Satan has his own CCTV spy cameras covering human activity all over the earth. These are not ordinary cameras. They are supernatural in … Continued

Keep your secrets

    By Makko Musagara   Keep your secrets Some Christians talk too much, and so carelessly, that they end up giving out a lot of confidential information to their enemies especially the Devil. This practice is so common in … Continued

Witches calling your spirit

    By Makko Musagara   Witches calling your spirit Many Christians do not know that as they sleep at night, Satan and demons, through witches, are busy trying their best to call and rule over their spirits. If they … Continued