Think about Hell

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Think about Hell

Think about Hell.


By  Makko Musagara


Think about Hell

This goes to all Christians. Anytime you are tempted to sin, before you think of anything else first think about Hell. If you do what God is telling you, you will save yourself from eternal suffering.

Your life on earth is temporary.

Suppose the earth had a two lane highway going around its globe along the Equator and you were told to walk along this highway round and round the earth nonstop. I can compare your life on earth to only the first kilometer of this journey. The rest of your journey is the eternity I am talking about. Life on earth is indeed very short compared to the rest of the journey ahead of you.

Too much suffering in Hell.

I wish God reveals the reality of Hell to every Christian. As far as I know there is not a single person to whom God has revealed the reality of  eternal destruction that ever sins again. Hell is made up of eternal burning fire; it is full of torture by demons; and it is filled with stench. The atmosphere in Hell is nauseating and chocking. You cannot breath in Hell as you are doing right now on Earth. You better choose Heaven when you are still alive.

No one can take you out of Hades.

No matter how much you cry or shout for help, no one can take you out of Hell. Many who are currently suffering in hades are calling upon God and Jesus Christ to help them. The only answer they get from Heaven is this: “It is too late

You still have an opportunity on earth.

God has given you a lifetime opportunity while you are still alive on earth. He has given you an option to choose where to go. You better do this right now. Choose Heaven instead of  eternal suffering.

If you have chosen Heaven.

If you have chosen going to Heaven, then pursue holiness and righteousness like never before. Seek God’s Kingdom through our Lord Jesus Christ – always focusing on the rewards God has prepared for you in Heaven.




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