Top 10 things that annoy Satan

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Top 10 things that annoy Satan

Top 10 things that annoy Satan.


By  Makko Musagara


Top 10 things that annoy Satan.

Dear reader, in this article I would like to share with you the top ten things that annoy Satan most.

10. Any true Church of God.

Satan is very much annoyed by true churches of God. Churches whose head is Jesus Christ;  churches that believe in the Word of God as written in the Bible; churches that preach the word of God as written in the Bible; churches that love God and keep his commandments; churches that send out their members to win lost souls for Christ; churches that are focused on heavenly rewards and eternal living.

9. A repenting person turning to God.

Satan and demons are very much annoyed by any person who feels regret and sorrow for their sins, asking God for forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Satan knows that such a person has abandoned his kingdom and has entered the Kingdom of God.

8. A fasting Christian.

Satan is very much annoyed by any Christian that abstains from food and drink to focus on a period of spiritual growth for God’s glory. Fasting gives the Christian power enabling him to overcome many hurdles laid by the devil. Fasting sets Satan’s prisoners free.

7. Any Christian heading to Heaven.

Satan is annoyed by any Christian who is heading to Heaven. The devil will instruct demons to do all they can to divert that Christian to Hell.

6. Any Christian pursuing holiness or righteousness.

The devil and demons are always angered by Christians who pursue holiness and righteousness. Satan and demons find it very difficult to attack and overcome such Christians.

5. Any Christian reading and quoting God’s written Word in the Bible.

The spoken written Word of God is very destructive to Satan’s Kingdom. Satan and demons are annoyed by any Christian reading God’s word in the Bible.

4. Binding and  casting out demons.

Binding demons renders them inactive. Casting the bound demons away means Satan may never see them again. This is the reason Satan is annoyed by Christians who bind and cast away his demons.

3. A praying Christian.

Prayer causes a lot of destruction to Satan’s kingdom by setting his captives free. For this reason Satan hates any praying Christian.

2. Any person turning the lost to Jesus Christ.

Satan hates God’s ministers who turn away people from his kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ.

1. Any person mentioning the Name Jesus Christ in Satan’s presence.

We come to the number one thing that annoys Satan most. Satan falls down and hits his head on the ground hard every time the Name of Jesus Christ is spoken in his presence. Sometimes he sustains wounds because of the Name of Jesus Christ. Therefore Satan may never forgive any person who mentions the Name Jesus Christ in his presence.



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