Wake up and pray when you dream this.

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Wake up and pray when you dream this.Wake up and pray when you dream this.


By Makko Musagara


Wake up and pray, when you  dream  the following.

There are two types of  dreams  whereby you should never go back to sleep until you have prayed. The first type of dreams is when the  Devil or his agents  are doing an activity that negatively impacts your life. You get this type of dream when your enemies are practicing something against you that very hour, day, or week. The second type of dreams is when God is warning  you about the danger you are about to face. If you pray, that danger will be cancelled. Wake up and pray, when you dream the following

  1. When you dream being chased by fellow human beings.
  2. Being chased by animals.
  3. When you are fighting with someone.
  4. When you are crying.
  5. A snake. Especially is it is trying to attack you. Serpents usually represent the Devil or witchcraft.
  6. Bound in ropes or struggling to free yourself.
  7. Being beaten.
  8. Being shot at, or being stabbed (Read here how this happened to me in a dream).
  9. Quarreling with someone.
  10. Being buried in a grave.
  11. Death of yourself or anybody else.
  12. When you are angry at someone or when someone is angry at you.
  13. Giving away money. The Devil may be stealing your finances in such dreams. (Receiving money is a good dream).
  14. Dreaming descending, instead of ascending.
  15. Falling down.
  16. A coffin.
  17. An accident.
  18. Being attacked by armed men (Read here how this happened to me).
  19. A burial function.


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