Your future is so bright

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Your future is so bright
Your future is so bright



By  Makko Musagara


Your future is so bright

Dear reader, I don’t know what you are going through right now. If it is good, then we thank God. But if you are going through a very difficult time, then this post is for you. 30 years ago my situation was so bad. Worse than your current state. I had just received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I had no source of income. Yet I had a wife to look after. Despite these circumstances, I continued seeking God with all my heart. I remember one night sitting on my bed after prayer and looking at my sleeping wife wondering what I would feed her with in the morning. I had so many thoughts of worry in my mind. Then, as I sat on my bed something happened. I was not aware that our Father in Heaven was concerned about my worries. Something within me (Holy Spirit?) led me to open my Bible that was on a small table nearby. The page I randomly opened had Job Chapter 8. Then suddenly verse 7 enlarged by itself and it gently flew out of the page into my eyes. It was like a beautiful butterfly gently flying out of a nice flower. The letters read like this:

Your beginnings will seem humble,
    so prosperous will your future be.

I knew this was something out of the ordinary. It was a supernatural incident. God was talking to me live, through His Word. After this encounter with God, things started improving. I got a well paid job, I started traveling to different countries. God gave me and my wife ministries in His kingdom. Currently I have no worries at all about my future. I look back at that incident with many thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness.

Because of my experiences and the faith I have in God, I can tell you the same words He told me. Your future is so bright. Your current situation may seem so humble. But your future will be so prosperous. As God prepares your good future, continue seeking him through prayer, reading His Word, and attending services in your Church..



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