By Makko Musagara

Can God talk to Satan, and can Satan talk to God today? The answer to this question is YES.

The first proof comes from the book of Job chapter one. As soon as Satan presented himself before God in heaven the Lord did not chase the devil out of his presence, as one would expect. Instead, God started conversing with Satan!

According to the written Word, it was God our Father who actually initiated the dialogue by asking Satan where he was coming from. The devil answered the Lord saying he had been roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it. God was patient with the devil and he continued the conversation by moving to another subject: his servant Job. God asked Satan whether he had considered this faithful and blameless man. The Lord went as far as telling Satan how faithful and blameless Job was: that there was no one in the whole earth like him.

Satan maintained the conversation by bringing before the Lord his case against Job. The dialogue ends with God issuing Satan permission to severely tempt Job. Furthermore, the Lord gave Satan specific instructions how Job should be handled.

It was not a one-time incident for God and Satan to converse. Satan continued going before God in heaven and talking to our Father. According to Job 2:1, on another day, when the holy angels were presenting themselves before the Lord, Satan also came with them, and presented himself before God. As it was in their previous encounter, God initiated the conversation again by asking Satan where he was coming from. Satan told God he has been roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.

The Lord carried on the conversation by asking Satan whether he had considered Job. Again God told Satan how faithful Job was. In response, still Satan presented to the Lord his case against Job. Again the conversation ends by God issuing Satan with another permit to tempt Job, with strict instructions on how this temptation should be carried out.

Dear child of God, Satan continues going into God’s presence in heaven and talking to him even today. Jesus confirms this in the New Testament by telling his disciples that he saw Satan asking for permission from God to tempt them (Luke 22:31-32). Satan will continue talking to our Father, and our God will also continue talking to the devil until the End-Time event prophesied in Revelation 12:10Revelation 12:10 when Satan will be denied any further access to the heavens.