The weapon Jesus has given us

By Makko Musagara

Dear child of God, we are living in the End Time. Jesus wants every person who has ever called upon his name to make it to Heaven. In the final part of this vision, he is showing us how we can be protected from temptations and trials while we are still here on earth.

Choose always to depend on God.

Many Christians depend on their human strength and wisdom to face temptations and trials. They end up succumbing to sin and, after the trials have subsided, losing their faith in God. Jesus was mightily anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit, yet in everything he did, he always depended upon our Father in Heaven. God condemns those who put their trust in human strength and wisdom. He compares them to bushes in the desert which grow in dry wilderness, on salty ground where nothing else grows. Nothing good ever happens to them. But he blesses those who put their trust in him. They are like trees growing near a stream and sending out roots to the water. They are not afraid when hot weather comes; they just keep on bearing fruits (Jeremiah 17:5-8).


Despite of his very busy life and the crowds that were constantly following him, Jesus always spared time to talk to our Father in heaven. He always woke up very early before day light found a solitary place and prayed to God. He talked to our Father about many things he couldn’t handle on his own.


Now we come to the most important part of this message. Many Christians pray but they don’t know how. As a result they are constantly struggling with temptations and trials in their lives. The disciples of Jesus faced the same problem until they realized that Jesus was always victorious over sin and trials. They knew that his prayers are most effective. So one day they asked him to teach them how to pray. Jesus gave them a very simple prayer, yet it contains a very powerful weapon against Satan’s accusations. We have already seen in Mathew 4:1 that God led Jesus to the devil to be tempted. We have also seen that God may do the same to present day Christians. Therefore, in response to their request, Jesus instructed his disciples always to pray to our Father in heaven that he does not lead them to the Devil to be tempted. He directed his disciples always to pray to our Father in heaven as follows.


                                                                                                           Luke 11:4 NIV

[This was the seventh and last Scripture the Lord presented in this vision]


No one in the whole heavens and earth knows the nature of God our Father more than our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus tells us that that small prayer can protect us from the powers of Satan, let us believe him. By asking God the Father not to lead you into temptation you are saying:

  1. My Father, please do not listen to Satan’s accusations against me.
  2. Do not give the devil permission to tempt me.
  3. Do not lead me to the devil to be tempted.

God is merciful. He will listen to you. Satan will be denied permission to tempt you. This is the key to avoiding temptations and trials in your life. Let all Christians always pray to our Father in heaven that he does not lead them to the devil to be tempted. Since Satan continually accuses believers before God, let us also continually plead to our Father that he does not lead us into situations of temptation.

Let all Christians realize that our Father led Jesus to the devil to be tempted only once – soon after his baptism. Jesus didn’t like the experience of the temptations he went through. Therefore, after overcoming all these temptations, Jesus always, every night, prayed to our Father not to lead him again to the devil to be tempted. Our Father always heard his prayer. He never led Jesus again to the devil to be tempted. And this is the advice Jesus is giving us in this message. Always to pray that the Father does not lead you to the devil to be tempted. As you continue praying like this, it will be very easy for you to detect the traps Satan has laid before you. You will escape them and glory will go to God.

May the Lord continue blessing you.