Before I present my testimony, I would like to make an important observation: God chose you many years ago, before you were born, to make a vital contribution to his Kingdom. Everything you have experienced in life has drawn you to this mission.


Before my birth, my mother had experienced the agony of two miscarriages. She had done everything possible, including traditional and modern medicine, but to no avail. Then I followed in her third pregnancy. Will it be another miscarriage? Extremely worried, she tried one last option to save her marriage: she cried out to God. The Lord assured her that this time the child would live. This is how I was born. Probably because of God’s intervention, I discovered later that my life was so different from that of my brothers and sisters. You are about to prove it in my testimony. Later in life, God always directed me to Isaiah 46: 3-4:


“Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob,
    all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom I have upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born. Even to your old age and gray hairs
I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you”


I was born in, in the East African nation of Uganda, I grew up in a Muslim family and my father chose me among his fourteen children to follow a Koranic training in order to become a sheikh. He didn’t know that before I was born, God had already chosen me to serve him in a different way. He gave me a special name which meant, according to his faith, that angels would go around our house several times at night to protect and bless a person with that name. He even made special arrangements for me to be trained by a Muslim scholar who cycled thirty-two kilometers a day from the nearest town to our village for this purpose. Unfortunately, for my father, my mother had a Christian heritage. Since love knows no boundaries, my father compromised some of the Islamic marital restrictions and he allowed my mother to maintain some of her Christian values, including her name Esta, and he even allowed her to keep a Bible in our house, that was full of Islamic books. When she was alone, my mother read the book of Psalms a lot.


My father was advised that I needed formal education, and since there was no Koranic school nearby, he enrolled me in an Anglican church school called Kiggwa Church of Uganda Primary School, which was about two kilometers from our house. What I liked most about this school were the exciting Bible stories read to our class every Friday morning. I always waited the next week with great enthusiasm to hear about the powerful miracles and wonders that the God of Abraham had accomplished, especially in the books of the Old Testament. I did not know that through these lessons, God planted a spiritual seed in my soul which would germinate many years later.


At the age of eight, my father died, followed by my mother several years later. Both died under mysterious circumstances. I was left drifting between two faiths. My paternal parents granted my father’s wish for my life by urging me to continue to attend Friday Juma prayers, to pray the Swallahs five times a day and to fast during the month of Ramadhan. However at the bottom of my soul, I prayed to God that if he ever offered me an opportunity to travel very far from my nagging relatives, I would give my life to Jesus Christ. As God heard the cry of Jonah from the the belly of a large fish, he also heard the cry from the bottom of my soul. Miraculously, I was offered a scholarship to study at the University of Exeter, Devon, in the South West of England. About a week after joining this University, I introduced myself to the Christians at Saint-Léonard’s Church in Exeter City. I urgently wanted to keep my promise to God. The Rector of this Church, Reverend John Skinner, realized my thirst for Jesus Christ and immediately enrolled me in the baptism and confirmation class.


On March 25, 1987, the Bishop of Crediton, Devon, baptized me Makko. The two things I still remember about this baptismal service were, first, an old white lady with spectacles who came to me after the baptism and asked me, “Did you see the strange light that came upon you at the time of baptism? and second, the biblical quote from Philippians 1:9-11 that the Bishop of Crediton wrote in his gift book to me. I still believe that it was God Himself who spoke to me through these three verses, that I will always cherish throughout my walk with Christ. I thank God because even as I write now, I still feel the power of the Holy Spirit who that day filled the void that had been in my soul since I was born. I returned to my country of origin with more thirst for Christ and I joined a Spirit-filled church that was the center of revival in the country. 


Photo: the Bishop of Crediton in the South West of England baptized me Makko.







Walking in the supernatural.


From that moment, supernatural things started to happen in my life. God gradually began to speak to me through dreams, visions and many other ways. In dreams, God even showed me familiar faces of people and their very thoughts or the words they had spoken about me.


Africa is a land of witchcraft. One night, God revealed to me, through a dream, the witchcraft that a colleague was doing against me at this particular hour. In the morning, I told this person what he had done the previous night. He was both shocked and embarrassed. He never practiced witchcraft against me again.


God also began to show me, through quick mental images, situations in the invisible world (Acts 10: 9-11). They occur frequently when God urgently wants to reveal and draw something to my attention. These images only last a few seconds but reveal hidden things about the people or the situations around me. Once I entered a church late when a visiting American preacher had already started preaching. As soon as I sat down, I saw, in a fraction of a second, a beautiful new paved road with modern signs in front of me. When I told a friend who was sitting nearby what I had just seen, she was completely taken aback and said, “You are talking as if you were around, this preacher has just been talking about the new heavenly highways God is going to create for us”


One Sunday morning, during a very anointed worship service, I saw, in a quick mental image, a long arm stretched from heaven to earth. In his fist was a large stick which the arm used to strike severely two people who then fell to the ground. Then I heard a voice from Heaven saying “I have defeated your enemies”. A few days later, all the members of a family that practiced witchcraft against my family were admitted to the hospital after contracting very serious inexplicable illnesses.


Sometimes when I go to church, my wife (Florence) thinks that I am dozing when in reality God is revealing to me a lot of things about my life, the lives of people nearby or the worship service in general.


Once Florence and I bought a nice blanket in town without knowing that the merchant of this store was deeply involved in witchcraft. After laying it on our bed, I spotted something in the spiritual realm that sent shivers down my spine. I saw a large python move slowly on our bed! I did not mention to Florence what the Lord had revealed to me for fear that I was mistaken. But soon I discovered that I had seen correctly. The next evening, while I was trying to sleep, I saw again in the spirit the same serpent, now beside our bed, mouth wide open as if it wanted to swallow my hands! This time I jumped out of bed and shouted quickly: It is written that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. You spirit of a python, I bind you in the Name of Jesus!

Then suddenly I witnessed a demonstration of the power of God. I saw, in the spirit world, very strong cables coming down from the heaven and they tightly bound this python as it was fighting wanting to escape! It was finally squeezed very small like the size of a small Coke bottle. Then the voice of the Lord asked me to cast it away. So I prayed: I command you in the Name of Jesus to go into the desert, never to return to this house“. The serpent spirit left with such force that our house shook, as if it had been shaken by an earthquake. I never saw that spirit again.


Another day, while listening to a live football radio commentary, I was surprised when, in quick mental images, God revealed to me the dirty secret life of this radio commentator that I had never seen before. The more he spoke, the more his wicked life was exposed to me. I begged God to remove these unpleasant images, but I believe God wanted me to pray for this stranger, which I did. From this experience, I have found that spiritual forces, holy or evil, can in fact be exchanged through electronic media like radios and phones.


As I continued my walk with Christ, God began to guide me through situations by directing my eyes to specific, but very applicable, scriptures in the Bible. I remember once when we had a big Christian meeting where we invited our Head of State as the guest of honor. He confirmed his presence well in advance. But just a day before this meeting, his office sent us an apology indicating that the president would not attend our conference due to pressing national duties. Our hearts were crushed because we had spent a lot of time and efforts working on this invitation. In addition, thousands of registered participants were already in a very good mood waiting to see the president. In a long prayer at night, I cried out to God about our plight. Immediately after this prayer, God spontaneously led me to open my Bible. I found myself opening chapter 10 of the Book of Hebrews. Then verse 37 instantly came out of the page and it was before my eyes!

“In just a little while,
    he who is coming will come
    and will not delay.”a]”>[a]

I was sure it was God speaking to me through this verse. He assured me that the President would change his mind and come to our meeting. I quickly called my close friends and informed them of the news from heaven. Many doubted and said that it was already late; that the president could not attend because no advanced security team was on site until that time. In the morning, everyone was excited when our conference grounds were covered with presidential security details. Later that day, the president did arrive and opened our meeting.


One day, while attending a large Christian conference in Anaheim, in the United States, I decided to make no offerings in the morning. I reserved all the money I had for the last evening session because, in my opinion, the last minister was the most anointed. As I sat watching other believers give, the Lord spontaneously led me to open my Bible. The page I opened had Ecclesiastes chapter 11, and instantly verse 6 jumped from the page in my eyes!


“Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed,
    whether this or that,
    or whether both will do equally well.”


Again, I was confident it was God speaking to me. God commanded me to use every sowing opportunity to give. I quickly repented, divided the remaining cash, I put it in an envelope and quickly gave my offering to the ushers! God was teaching me a very important lesson about giving.


One time I had a job where my bosses advertized my position with the intention of replacing me with a more qualified person. After a long prayer at night, the Holy Spirit, without my intention, led me to open my Bible. The page I opened had Matthew chapter 21. Then suddenly verse 42 jumped from the Bible in my eyes!

Jesus  said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes”?


As usual, under such circumstances, I was certain that God was speaking to me through this Scripture. He was assuring me that no one would take my job. As a human being, I asked myself, “How will it be when my post has already been advertised in two daily newspapers?” But, as Mary Madeleine did, I simply believed and I left the rest to God. Later, after all the interviews with the shortlisted candidates had been completed, the three selected candidates began to blunder one way or the other. I remember that one of them, a very educated and respected woman, refused to reveal her most recent salary and that annoyed my bosses a lot. Finally they said, It is better to deal with Makko than these complicated candidates,” they said. I continued with my job and I became the keystone as the Lord had promised.


I remember another night when I was interceding for a man who had been falsely accused of murder. He had been in prison for over a year. After pleading with God in prayer, I was spontaneously led to open my Bible. The page I opened had chapter 51 of Isaiah. Then immediately verse 14 jumped from the page in my eyes!

The cowering prisoners will soon be set free;
they will not die in their dungeon, nor will they lack bread.


Again, I knew God was telling me about this prisoner. He was assuring me that this man would be released soon. Through a series of miracles lasting two months, the judge  indeed released this man as God said!


I remember that one day, I and Florence went for a burial ceremony and the ushers gave us two front seats. After a few worship songs, the MC, who did not know us, reorganized the seat arrangement and we were given places in a place that I considered to be bad. God saw my unhappy heart and I found myself unintentionally opening my NKJV Bible. The page I opened at random had Philippians Chapter 2. Then, like some TV graphics, verse 3 was enlarged and gently flew out of the page to my eyes!


Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.”  


My sadness turned into great joy when I saw that God was teaching me an important lesson in life about humility. This experience  changed my view of  front seats because I know, they are reserved for those who are better than me.


Once, all of our children were studying at the boarding school, so we kept a maid called Rosette at home to take care of the cooking and laundry, and a young man called Gershom to work both as a gardener. and a night watchman. One Saturday morning, while Florence and I were preparing to go shopping in the city, the Lord led me supernaturally to open my Bible, which I kept as usual nearby. The page I opened at random had Luke chapter 22. Then, like a selected text, verse 3 got bigger and jumped from the page in my eyes!


“Then Satan entered Judas, surnamed Iscariot, who was numbered among the twelve.” NKJV

I did not know why God brought this Scripture to my attention at that time. But I suspected that the devil may have entered someone. I immediately asked Florence to stop dressing and we prayed about this verse. When we returned home in the evening, we found Rosette in a sobbing mood with red eyes. Finally, she whispered many things that I could not hear, to Florence, whose face became more and more alarmed. When Florence joined me and I asked her what was wrong, she said to me: “During our absence Gershom tried to rape Rosette in the bedroom of our children!” The Lord reminded me of the Scriptures that he gave just before we left home and found that the devil must have entered Gershom. Our morning prayer prevented something more serious from happening in our own home. We paid Gershom all of his salary and we fired him immediately.


God speaks through the scriptures as I said above, but, I believe it comes as a gift that operates spontaneously according to God’s purposes and timing. This is the reason why some Christians who, by their own efforts, try to communicate with God using this method end up being confused.


Photo: In England, God gave me new parents.

After my salvation in Jesus Christ, God has trained me in prayer and intercession. Each night, God wakes me up at specific times to warn me of special situations and to pray. One night I was alone at home and woke up, I felt that God wanted me to pray, but I was so tired that I fell back into my bed and covered myself. As I was dozing, I felt someone pull the blanket and sheets from my body. Part of me was left been uncovered! I jumped out of bed thinking that a thief had entered my room. My fears only subsided after I checked and confirmed that there was no one in my room. God had sent an angel to remove my blanket and drive me out of bed to pray! He was training for an important assignment in His Kingdom. I quickly repented and entered into an aggressive prayer.





Another time,
around midnight, I dreamed that someone had stabbed me in the chest. I woke up
out of breath with a sharp pain near my heart. I even failed to pray as I continued to wonder what this terrible dream meant. In the morning, when I went
to my office, 40 kilometers from my home, I unfortunately found that one of our security officers had been murdered during an attempted night robbery. I learned that he had been attacked two hours after God gave me the terrifying dream. His body was still in the security room where he was killed. When I looked at it, I was even more terrified. The man had been stabbed in the exact spot where I had been stabbed in the dream! Through all this tragedy, God made me discover the realm of dreams as a tool of prayer and intercession. I was convinced that my intercession would have saved the life of this man.


During my first years of training, wherever I felt reluctant to pray, God mysteriously
led me to the book of 2 Chronicles chapter 29. Verse 11 always came to my eyes:


 “My sons, do not be negligent now, for the Lord has chosen you to stand before him and serve him, to minister before him and to burn incense”


Another way God talks to me is to have thoughts in my mind that guide me to specific places where He wants me to be. I have been led to places of
blessing or removed from places of danger by this means. Using this gift on three occasions God mysteriously led me to specific obscure places where a snake was hiding in my compound. I killed them before they could hurt. Again using this gift, I often find myself spontaneously moving from my house to outside the door just before
someone rang the bell or knocked at our gate. 


Sometimes after her travels, my wife thinks I’m too
nice to always wait for her at our gate when, in fact, it’s the Spirit of God telling me that she’s about to reach our house and prompts me to go to our gate and welcome her.


One night I suddenly woke up from sleep and, while I was sitting on my bed, I had an idea that I should check one of the windows in our house. I followed that voice and as soon as I drew the curtain, I saw a thief who had just jumped over the security wall.I quickly set off an alarm that sent the intruder running for his life.


I remember that once, over the weekends after breakfast, my children played on a mat that we usually left on the lawn in front of our house. This
particular Saturday, while I was having breakfast with my children, I heard a voice, within my Heart, ordering me to put down my cup of tea and head quickly to the front yard. I ignored that voice and resumed sipping my tea. As I lifted the cup again, I heard the same voice repeat the same instructions. This time I was sure it was the voice of God. I immediately left
my cup on the table and followed the voice of the Lord. As I stood in the front yard wondering what to do, a thought came to my mind: “It is always my children who sweep this complex. This morning, I will surprise them because they will
find it well cleaned
”. Then another thought followed: “First I’m going to remove this playing mat“. As I lifted the rug, I saw a long black cobra raising its head and
uncoiling below. I quickly called Florence and we killed it before it could bite anyone. Without God’s intervention and my obedience, my children would surely have been bitten by an agitated snake. 


Very often, especially when I have questions in my mind, God reads my troubled thoughts and gives me answers before I even present him with these
problems in prayer. To me, it is a confirmation that our thoughts are still in front of God’s surveillance screens in the Heaven. Once I was alone with many
questions about the difficult life my old grandmother had gone through. I did not know that God was also concerned about what was going on in my mind. As a result, during the night, God revealed many things to me that I did not know about my grandmother. God also revealed to me that he had wonderful plans for her salvation and his provisions. 


Another time, I had doubts about the personal promises God had made to me. Again, I didn’t know that God was watching my mind. Then, in a
vivid dream at night, I saw myself  laying on earth facing the sky above. Then suddenly a white cloud came down from the sky and it engulfed me. In this cloud, there were voices singing the common hymn “GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS” As the cloud rose and the choir stopped singing, I woke up. God was assuring me that he is faithful to all his promises (Psalm 36: 5). Following this experience, this song has meant a lot to me.


I remember an incident during my first years of salvation. One weekend, I didn’t even have a penny in my pocket. So during prayer, I asked,
Lord, do you really love me?” The Lord simply remained silent. The next day, when I was driving home along a busy highway, I overtook without
knowing that one of the vehicles ahead of me was getting off therefore blocking me. It was too late to brake. To avoid a fatal collision, I swerved offfrom the road, on to a rough section where I narrowly missed a deep trench. It was only by the grace of God that I drove the vehicle back on the
road. I was so scared that I thanked God a million times. When my mind calmed down and as I continued driving, I heard the voice of the Lord answer:

Yes, I love you!” 


From this experience, I have found that God’s love does not mean having money in your pockets – but in having life in you and Jesus Christ in your heart as your insurance for eternity.


At other times, God used other people to tell me about the concerns of my life. I remember that one day I had a lot of problems with a new company car that I was driving. I did not know that the driver had planted witchcraft material in the engine to prevent anyone else from driving this vehicle. The next morning, I was amazed when a co-worker, whom I didn’t even consider to be a religious, told me
of a very revealing dream that she had at night  about my situation. God revealed to her everything the driver had done and what was going on in the
spiritual realm. Her dream guided me in prayer and tactics. I never had any problems with this vehicle again.


Florence has her own ministry in the service of God. But since I met her, I have realized that many times God uses it to guide me in the right direction. For this reason, I always think seriously about her advice, asking God to verify it. Many times God gives his sign of approval.


At the beginning of my salvation, God made me aware that he had assigned angels to protect me. I remember a time when I doubted the safety
of God and I went to verify my property which I had just acquired and which I had already entrusted to God in prayer for protection. As soon as I entered this place, I heard a clear voice say:


 “Since you doubted and decided to come, we are leaving now!


 I realized that there were friendly supernatural beings in this place. I quickly repented and never again doubted the protection of God in my life. After each prayer I make for the protection of God, I leave all other concerns to God. 


Before moving to my current residence, I lived near a busy road in the capital. One morning we heard a loud bang along this road near our house. It was followed by screams and agitation. I soon learned that two vehicles had collided and in the process they had knocked dead a little boy who was on his way to school. I rushed to the scene and found a group of sad people surrounding the motionless body. As soon as my eyes saw this body, I heard a voice in my heart, ordering me to put my hands on the little boy’s forehead. As I did this, and I invoked the name of Jesus,  I heard the boy take a deep
breath. It was as if his soul had been thousands of miles away. To the joy and amazement of all the spectators, the boy made a few movements and he regained his senses.


One night, I parked near our neighbors, a brand new double cabin pickup belonging to my employers. I prayed for its protection by God and I went to
asleep. When I checked in the morning, I found that all of the lights on this vehicle had been stolen. As I wondered where to find the money to replace
the lights, I heard a voice ordering me to move around the vehicle. In doing so,I found all the stolen lights, as well as all the screws, collected in a
nearby location. When I told my neighbor about this riddle, he informed me that during the night, he had suddenly woken up and wanted to read a certain book which was in his front room. As soon as he turned on the lights at the front of his apartment, he heard some frightened people flee! The angel of God had woken him up to scare the thieves!  I happily replaced all the lights praising God for his faithfulness.


God has been teaching and encouraging me to walk in righteousness. He always brings to my attention  any sin that may have entered my life. These warnings are accompanied by terrifying dreams and inexplicable problems. Some of these
dreams include visions of red-heated clouds of fire raining down on me or seeing myself descend into a pit full of fierce dogs and then wake up before I get
bitten. On such occasions, I quickly repent by promising God never to let such a sin infiltrate my life again.


Sometimes God speaks to me through open visions. One time, I was waiting for a good amount of money from abroad on my account, but I gave up after days of waiting. Then one clear morning, sitting awake on my bed, I very clearly saw something that puzzled me. I saw a living goldfish swimming, with all its fins, through the open door of my room towards me. When this fish was about to hit my face, it disappeared! I told my wife what I saw and she was also puzzled. Within hours, I received a communication from my bank that the money I
had always been waiting for had been transferred to my account!


From time to time I buy a new Bible and read it book by book, highlighting important verses and paragraphs until I finish the Old and New
Testaments. Whenever I do this, I constantly see visions of a huge reservoir of pure, clean water in front of me. Then I see myself holding a small container drawing from this giant tank.


I remember one time I was getting ready to sleep I played a song called ‘Jesus Name Above All Names’. While this song was playing, something happened.
The Holy Spirit came powerfully into my room and I felt His fire all over my body. Then, while I was dozing, I saw a very large room filled with multitudes
of people in white robes but they were all looking in the direction of a distant bright light. Some were standing and worshiping, raising their hands while

that others bowed down to this celestial sun. As I moved to join them, I suddenly woke up from this vision.


Sometimes God has substituted my natural senses for a supernatural consciousness. I remember one weekend, I was sitting alone in my office, clearing all pending work. I was enjoying the tranquility of a typical day of rest when suddenly I heard an
eruption of beautiful choral music praising the Almighty. The music sounded like an orchestra of a million instrumentalists and singers. At first, Ithought it came from outside my office, but I checked and found that there was absolute silence elsewhere. I tried to cover my ears with my fingers but I only made the music louder! Just as God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6:17), God opened my ears to the music of angelic worship. This music resounded in my office for about five minutes before fading and silence reigned again.


Often, I face situations in which I have to choose from many options, particularly when I am interviewing for employees, or when I buy
something, or generally when I face uncertain situations. Suddenly, God saves me from such situations by lighting his flame of fire in my heart as soon as the right option appears before me. This gift has always helped me understand how the prophet Samuel chose David from among the many sons of Jesse (1 Samuel16: 1-13).


When my employment contract for the position where I heard angelic music ended, I found myself unemployed and extremely worried. My fear was not
about unemployment as such, but I was worried about the hurdles of getting a new job in this competitive world. God read my troubled mind and at night his angel appeared to me in a dream. He told me that I would not be looking for a job,
but it was the job that was going to look for me! A few days after this dream, my wife told me that she had a dream in which she saw someone
come for me to get  a new job. Three days after her dream, a dignified Professor at one  university of
our country came to my place to offer me a job within their new health project sponsored by the United States. I easily accepted and was offered a salary five times higher than what I got in my previous job.


I remember one Sunday evening, we brought to our home a visiting pastor called  Emmanuel Twagirimana from our church. He died in 1994 during the Rwanda Genocide but God resurrected him after seven days (check the Internet for his incredible testimony in the book “Seven Days in Heaven”.  After dinner he prayed for my family and left. That night, while I was lying on my bed, a strange and beautiful vision came to me. In this vision, I saw an angel coming into our living room and he sat down on the sofa. I got up from my bed to greet him and I asked our servant to quickly prepare something for him to eat. The angel asked me why it was dark in my house (at that time, there was no power and
there were frequent power cuts in my country). He told me not to worry about it. He then put his right palm on the wall of our living room and suddenly there appeared in our house all kinds of  bright wall lights and modern chandeliers! I think
they were made in Heaven. Our house became brighter than noon-day sun! After this miracle, food was brought in for the angel to eat. What impressed me most was that when I asked the angel to bless the food. Instead of doing a verbal prayer like we do on earth, the angel fell to the ground, bowed down and started worshiping God. After the worship, I asked him, “Is this how you bless food?”


He replied, “For us angels, blessing food is like worshiping God. This is how we worship God in heaven. ” As he sat down to eat, the vision ended. From this vision, I understood that when you bless your meal, ct we worship God who, in turn, blesses our food.
sat down to eat, the vision ended. From this vision, I understood that when we
bless for the meal, in fact we worship God who, in turn, blesses our food. sat
down to eat, the vision ended. From this vision, I understood that when we
bless for the meal, in fact we worship God who, in turn, blesses our food.


When our youngest child reached the age of four years, the Lord ordered my wife to build a church in her home District and to become the liberator of
her people. She refused. She wanted to do business and become a wealthy woman
in town. “How can I preach in a village where I grew up? They will despise me.
There are so many men there. Let God send a man,” she always reasoned. Then one
night I had a scary dream. Around 3 a.m., I saw myself with all my family walking on a dusty road towards a beautiful elevated paradise city. Our
children were in front, I followed them and Florence was at the back, just behind
me. When we reached the elegant flowery bridge connecting earth to the divine city, all
our children and I crossed the bridge. But as Florence reached half the bridge,
an angel in military combat uniform came out of nowhere and blocked her. The angel then sounded a very loud trumpet whose high-pitched sound woke everyone on earth. Following this sound, more angels in military combat uniforms came and blocked
the bridge. I cried and begged them to allow my dear wife to join us but they couldn’t listen. “No!” they yelled at me in anger. “She cannot enter Paradise because she refused serving God!” Then while crying, I decided to fight these angels one by one so that Florence could cross the bridge. But can man fight even a single angel? I suddenly woke up from this dream very tired. Florence, next to me, wondered why I was crying in my sleep. I told her about
this vision and she immediately decided to obey God, so as not to miss Heaven. A few years later, she received a sign of encouragement from God when  a
foreigner offered a large sum of cash to  help her complete the
construction of her church. The church she currently runs is one of the largest
in her District and many souls have been delivered. 


My relationship with God can be further illustrated by the
following experience. One morning when I was leaving home for work, I noticed
that a section of the surrounding wall around my home had developed a crack.
Within three weeks, the crack had spread and the wall was on the verge of collapsing. Since all the money I had was already allocated for the most urgent domestic needs, I turned to God for help. I put my right on the crack, I looked at the heavens and I begged my Heavenly Father to help me. The
next day, on my return from work, I was shocked by what I saw: a large part of
the surrounding wall, where I had prayed, had been completely knocked down! I
rushed into the house and asked my wife what had gone wrong. She told me the
following story: “After you left for work today, a speeding truck got
out of control and it hit our wall. The entire length where the crack had developed was knocked down. The truck owner apologized and pledged to rebuild the wall.” In two days, the wall was rebuilt with solid materials. In all this
construction, I did not spend even a penny. I remembered my prayer to God and praised him for his faithfulness.


Once we had a visiting prophet from the UK in our church. At an
evening service, he told everyone to close their eyes and raise both hands as
he moved among the crowd. Then suddenly, I felt his hands on my head as he said
these words: “The Lord tells me that he has a special mission for you. Focus on
him alone and always declare his kingdom wherever you go


Before presenting this message, I want to clarify one thing. Even
though I have some training in evangelism and ministry, I am neither a Bible
specialist nor a Bible expert. In my Christian life, I had no intention of
sitting down to seriously analyze scriptures. My wish was just to have a
good job to allow me to live happily with my family. But, as you about see, God
had other plans for my life.