It was in 1990. I was working as a field supervisor with the Rakai Project then, (now the Rakai health sciences program) in Uganda. My duties required many trips around the country to supervise various field teams. At the same time, I was very thirsty for God. I always used to, after the day’s work, lock myself in my room, to pray and seek the knowledge of God by reading the Holy Scriptures of the Bible.


One evening, when I was holding my Bible to find where to read, something supernatural happened: the room suddenly caught an an invisible fire. The temperature increased rapidly, although this heat was not the type that consumes earthly materials. It was mainly my mind and my soul that were melting in this fire. It was as if there was a powerful beam of heat radiating from the ceiling of the room on to my body below. I remember looking up to verify the source of this mysterious fire, but I saw nothing except the usual small solitary bulb that lit the room. I thought the house might have caught fire, but there was no visible fire or smoke around it.


By that time, my whole body had become weightless and I started to want to fly from the house to the clouds above. Soon my spirit sensed this was the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. God’s presence was so strong that three days later, after this vision, when I got home 150 kilometers away, the very first words of greeting that I addressed to my wife emanated such a power that she was immediately filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. She quickly told me how she felt in her heart, wondering what had happened to me.


To return to vision, I felt like I had lost most of my natural senses. Even though my eyes were working, I had lost consciousness of time and much of my immediate environment. My only focus then was the Bible that I held in my hands. Supernaturally, I was been led to open seven Scriptures from the Bible. The Scriptures succeeded one another in a logical order, that was arranged only by the divine intelligence of the Holy Spirit. I did not have a nearby, but the Holy Spirit enabled me to remember the seven scriptures and the order in which the Lord had presented them to me.


These seven scriptures will always be engraved in my mind until I appear before my Father’s white throne on the Day of Judgment. The seven scriptures in the exact order that the Lord gave them to me are Luke 22: 31-32, Job 1: 6, Job 2: 1, Job 1: 9-10, Revelation 12:10, Matthew 4: 1 and Luke 11: 4. Three Scriptures from the Old Testament and four from the New Testament. I found that the three Old Testament Scriptures came from only one book – the book of Job. The Holy Spirit made me realize that the book of Job is unique in the entire Bible. Unlike any other book in the Bible, Job reveals to us in great detail the interaction between God and Satan as the latter tempts believers.


Coming back to the seven Scriptures, I found that they were organized logically. Surely they were revealing something, but I couldn’t understand what they meant. I felt like those people in the book of Daniel who saw a divine handwriting on the wall but couldn’t understand what had been written. As I wondered what these scriptures meant, the Holy Spirit interpreted them to me in the message I am about to share with you. During this interpretation, I had the impression that there was a clean river of precious ideas flowing from the very throne of God towards my mind. God entrusted me with an important message revealing Satan’s tactics, showing how God’s children can protect
themselves from temptations and trials.


By the end of this message, it should be easy for you to prevent temptations from happening in your life. It will be easy for you to detect the traps that Satan has set before you. You will overcome them and will go to our Heavenly Father. I believe that if Job had known the facts in this message, and if he had put into practice what Jesus tells us to do in the last chapter of this message, he would not have gone through all the tests he faced. This message is made up only of the seven scriptures I mentioned. Any other scripture to which I refer is used for illustration purposes only.  






God sends a messenger to me. 


At first, I didn’t know how to write this message because I needed a lot of reference books to prove if everything the Lord had given me in the vision was correct. God saw my need and he started prompting a stranger 15,000 kilometers away to help me. In the coastal city of Carlsbard, in San Diego’s North County, Southern Carlifornia, lived a humble God-fearing Spanish-American Christian lady whose son had spent more than a year on internship in Africa. At the very moment I needed the reference materials, the Spirit of God started prompting this lady to visit her son. “I felt within my parental heart a great urge to visit my son Robert.” she told me later. “At first I was so afraid because I had never  been to Africa. But God’s prompting was too much that it drove away all my fears” she added.  As she prepared for the long journey and started packing her bags, she heard a voice, within her heart, instructing her to include in her luggage different versions of the Bible and other Christian reference books from her own library. The voice asked her to give all these materials to any Christian she finds in Africa. What I did not know at the time was that the son this lady was visiting was in fact one of the expatriates working within our Project in Uganda.


A few days after arriving in Uganda, this lady asked her son if she knew of any committed Christian. Her son mentioned my name to her because I had always shared the Good News of the Kingdom with my work colleagues, including expatriates. As a result, one afternoon, I was surprised when this lady came to my office with two boxes. On opening them, I found that they contained all the Bible versions and every Christian reference materials I needed to write this message. In addition, she donated to me some initial funds to start the ministry God gave me.



Photo: This is the stranger (left) whom God asked to bring me all the Bibles and other reference books I needed to write this message. Here she asked us to take her to the Nile River because of its biblical significance. Florence, my wife, on the right, holds our son Daniel





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